Do you know you have more to give the world, but can’t effectively leverage your power?

A short coaching package with big transformational results

Are you a female leader looking to increase your impact without fear of rejection or judgement? Do you know where your passion and focus lie but need to find a more balanced, aligned way to lead yourself, others and your organisation?

You’ve done the usual training courses at work and read the textbooks, only to find they don’t resonate with you at your core. You’ve been mentored by older senior leaders, whose life and career outlook didn’t match yours. You’ve found success at a cost, to your wellbeing, your values and your boundaries.

As a woman, you are gifted with an innate, unique set of powers. 

Power to connect and collaboratively create. Power to share future visions and plans. Power to gain support and achieve new outcomes with smart work and fun. Power to nurture others’ talents and build confidence in their efforts. Power to trust the world around you to deliver what you need. Power to make work, life and relationships respectful and meaningful for you and those around you.

You have the power to inspire greatness in yourself and others.

Few women leaders are taught how to access their power with ease and joy. I can introduce you to yours and help you begin to embed them in your day-to-day.

I thought I was thriving in my career, delivering alongside my mostly male colleagues. Adhering to adrenaline-fuelled late nights, travel and high-profile deliverables, whilst squeezing my life and wellbeing into the edges of my weekends. I ended up having emergency surgery to remove a large pelvic tumour, severely underweight with depression. The only reason my doctors could give me was the stress of having to perform to others’ expectations and standards had knocked my system out of whack.

Through physical and mental rehabilitation, I discovered a new approach to female leadership and was so inspired I trained with One of many® to share their wisdom with my clients too.


Coaching with Sarae helped me to better understand my natural tendencies as a female leader and how to leverage them. At the same time, the program helped me to tap into certain leadership behaviours that were less natural to me in becoming more rounded as a female leader while still staying true to myself. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to grow as a female leader naturally and sustainably.

Lauren, Strategy Consultant

The best thing about Sarae’s coaching is that she doesn’t tell you things like ‘you are strong, intelligent, etc.’; she gives you the tools to see your own value and brilliance. When you recognise that by yourself, there is no self-doubt or fear about it. Life is always full of challenges, but I now know and trust myself far more plus I have the tools to face anything.

Gema, Engineer


Power alchemist coaching

Investing your time and energy in two short, high-impact coaching sessions and you will discover and develop your feminine power. 

Here's what you'll get

Join me to begin your transformational experience, mixing the science and magic of Carl Jung, One of many and me, as your coach. In this two stage package, you will discover your empowering feminine archetypes and how to leverage them to create the authentic life, work and relationships you crave without exhaustion and stress, leading to more clarity, confidence, energy and sustainable joy!

When we meet for the first time, we’ll explore the science of the One of many® Women’s Powertypes™ your disempowering archetypes and your personalised profile report. Specifically, you will identify your access to their energy and impact now. We will magically craft your optimal blend of Powertypes, building on your stronger ones and ideas to grow those, where you need more ready access to bring balance, reduce fatigue or overwhelm and increase your vitality.

In our second session, we will review your progress, celebrate your successes and find the hidden learnings and a-has from the challenges or setbacks you may have faced – setting you up for future success.

Kickstart your empowerment now

Don’t delay. You can INCrease your impact AND results by investing £250 in yourself today.

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“If you are thinking of working with Sarae, I say “Go for it”. You will value every minute you spend with Sarae. She gives her all to the session with you and you walk away from an hour feeling quite transformed during that time

Sarae is very experienced in what she does, keeping the session on track and allowing you to get the maximum from each session. I also like how she adapted the sessions as we went and threw in other resources and tools to get the maximum from where I was at that particular point in time.”

Amy, Associate Director, International Business School

Have we met?

I’m Sarae Pratt, a former engineer, consultant and manager in large corporates and international business schools. I’ve walked a similar path to many of my clients, who are lawyers, doctors, academic professionals, engineers, consultants, corporate function leaders and financial services professionals – climbing the promotions ladder in organisations designed for male preferences: hard targets, competition and linear processing.

For the last 20 years, I’ve focused on people development as a coach and trainer, gaining international clients and accreditation as a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

As a certified Women’s Coach and Trainer with One of many, a trauma-informed Self-Belief Coach with the Self Belief Coaching Academy and an accredited Transformational Coach with the Animas Centre for Coaching, I have invested thousands in my personal and professional development to not only serve my clients in the best, most bespoke ways possible but also to do the work transforming me.

Like you, I aspire to feel safe being myself in all my glory in every aspect of my life. That’s where we find our sustainable joy and fulfilment.

Like you, I believe as female leaders, we have a key part to play in improving the workplace, our communities and society more broadly by leading from empowerment and inclusion of everyone’s self and talents.

Like you, I know we can lead by example, taking on our own doubts to create wonderful dreams.

You dont need to play their games to be a successful leader

In two coaching sessions, you will develop greater self-awareness of your access to power, learn how to grow your feminine power and apply it in ways that support you and your people at home, in your team, your clients and beyond.

You can thrive and lead as your whole brilliant self.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is a magical type of conversation that helps you expand your thinking, explore your experiences or future expectations and support you to draw your own conclusions or make your decisions.

It is judgement-free and 100% confidential. Usually, it’s quite fun too!

You’re not alone in that. We’re all a beautiful work in progress!

This package is designed to start making progress with confidence and clarity and doesn’t prohibit you from working on additional dilemmas, challenges or decisions with me at another time.

Taking this first step makes the second, third, and fourth steps more achievable as you build new self-belief, self-trust and self-acceptance. 

It would be lovely to say “Yes, I can”. Your results and outcomes are not within my control nor are they in my gift to define them.

As a coach, I believe you are a resourceful, creative human being with the potential to succeed and that is what I bring to our conversations, alongside a huge kitbag of experience, tools and approaches, to support you.

Not at all, I’ve worked with women in a wide range of roles, industries and career stages – with as many different desires and hopes for their futures. Leadership is a part of all roles at all seniorities, as well as outside the workplace in our homes, relationships, and communities. The world needs you!

My background and my experience have given me insights into lots of industries, hierarchy structures and roles.

Previous clients include lawyers, engineers, consultants, tech professionals, financial services professionals, medics and HE heads of departments, as well as women within corporate functions, who support the wider organisation’s ambitions and have internal clients.

You book the sessions once you have purchased your package – the clever software has me live availability so match it to yours and consider it inked in my diary!

I mostly use zoom to host our calls; if you have a different preference or accessibility issue, let me know and we’ll sort it. 

No worries – reach out to me at sarae@saraepratt.com and let’s get it answered!

If you’d like to chat about how the Power Alchemist package might fit you or your situation, let’s do it! 

“Sarae’s coaching helped me be less critical of myself, less nervous about what could be. I realised I have the answers I need inside of me. It was a big change to start listening to myself and love myself more. I am laughing more. When I get worried, I know how I can help myself. My relationship is stronger. Our conversations create more love and connection as I can share my needs and concerns more easily.

Don’t be afraid to confront your fears one by one, Sarae provides a very safe environment where you can discuss anything. Her approach is very encouraging and her use of the Powertypes and playlists make you aware of the joy in everything about who you are and what you can do.” 

Claudette, Lawyer

The Power Alchemist is here for you AND your future aspirations

The universe will always say yes to you. First, you have to say yes to yourself. You’re already doing amazing things, but what’s the next level for you? Invest in developing your own sources of authentic feminine power today and you can fly without limitation – the world needs you and your leadership.

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