One of my business values is connection – why? I believe connection with self, others and Source can help us move forward, find courage, seek counsel and wisdom, gain new inspiration and role models, pick us up when times are tough and enable us to be more than we think we can be.

I’m not talking about networking – that transactional, nauseating, business card swapping practice that others do. I wouldn’t recommend that at all. I’m talking about real connections, where you’re as invested in each other and ready to lift each other up to achieve amazing things.

Your tribe. Your clan. Your group. Your circle. Your gang. Your squad. Your team.

Each person wants the best for you and has part of the puzzle you’re working on. They might know the right person for you to speak to. Or maybe they give great pep talks. Or has expertise in the next step of your journey.

How are you building your team for 2021 to ensure it is your best, more joy fuelled year yet?


Looking out over fire pit

One of the reasons I started the Haven group was the research I did that showed in response after response after response that it is challenging to meet women who are committed to thriving by boldly defining, growing and taking in their path to saying “YES” to their joy in every aspect of their life – and who you felt alignment and trust with.

On LinkedIn, your headline job title and employer “follow” you into groups and post, hindering you in finding the right people beyond job hunting and professional exchanges. Workplace programmes have the same limitations; they focus on job performance against cultural norms and frameworks. Both make it hard for you to say “hey, I want to live, lead, work, love differently – can you help me out?”

Hosting Haven Retreats provides you with an opportunity to meet and connect – usually in person, last week for free in the Haven Group if you wanna catch the workshop recordings and worksheets. (Please Source, in 2021 let us hold them in person again!) It’s been a joy doing this recent one virtually and still being able to craft the same sense of community as the in-person ones can.

I’ve got another suggestion to make about who should be in your 2021 team.

Join my group coaching programme in January. Join women like you over 10 weeks and create a bespoke team who have your back, can nurture your courage and share their wisdom with you. They will cheer and whoop your progress, as well as provide support if you falter.

My coaching programme is open for January’s enrollment and I’ll be sharing some extras during the Haven Retreat Masterclass – there are some great bonuses and a special offer as after the year, we’ve had, I really want to be accessible for more women. (Sign up here to attend or receive the recording)

The full programme details are here and you can click through to reserve your place, either with a single payment of 3 monthly payments. You can also check out what my previous coachees say about working with me and learn more about what it includes.

If you want to make change in your life, your leadership, your work, your relationship and beyond, I’m confident my programme can deliver you the insight, courage, liberty, connection and joy you need to create a fabulous 2021.

I do hope you’ll be at the masterclass to not only pull your learnings from the Haven Retreat last week together and learn more about the bonuses for January’s coaching programme.

And one last question, who do you want in your team for 2021?