Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a number of conversations around using your authentic voice. What is it? How will others react at home and at work? Where will your courage to use it come from?

Curiously, anxiety and concerns around finding and using your authentic voice can be both an enabler and a blocker to greater alignment and more joy. As we discover how we want to filter our experiences through our values, gain certainty in our vision and develop our inner wisdom and strengths, we want to use our authentic voice.

We crave new conversations to set or reestablish our boundaries. We want to share our needs in order to have them met without guilt. We know how our brilliance can make a difference if spoken.

Yet, we stay quiet, speaking them only in our heads.

Our concerns can block us through fear of judgement or rejection, as well as self-doubt.

If you use your authentic voice, you share an intimate, vulnerable part of yourself. It can feel too raw, too exposing to use. Yet in doing so, you deny yourself the aligned life, work and love you yearn for. It feels like a huge risk. Better not to try, right? Or to wait a bit and see first?

This inner dialogue is a type of self-protection by our subconscious, whose role is to keep up safe. Safe from pain and hurt. Safe from ridicule or embarrassment. Safe from guilt, shame or anger.

But also safe from an unknown future. One which you would bring joy, new connections and a sense of vitality in all that you do.

And it’s in this way that finding your authentic voice can enable you to step into and further create your future as you wish.

I teach 3 habits of self-connection in both my coaching and workshops. First, the practice of joy spotting throughout your day and expressing thanks for it each evening. Second, journaling each morning to clear your head and set your intentions for the day ahead and third, solo dates – time by yourself doing something that stretches your comfort zone at least a little. Each helps discover, explore and embed your authentic voice.

Each allows you to gain deeper insights and self-awareness of your fears, your strengths, your allies and your future vision and purpose. Joy spotting “trains” your brain muscle to recognise and value the smallest of joys to the grandest, where planned or coincidental – Thank you Source, this please and more rounds off your evening gratitude practice as you set the cycle to continue and expand. Journalling is a private way to distil our inner thoughts, wisdom and doubts before our Ego wakes and we step into the day ahead with clear intentions. 

Lastly, solo dates provide us with ways to safely explore being and voicing our authentic voice. For example, in a climbing class, you can bring out your Warrioress’ playful tigress as you make your way to the top of the wall. Or perhaps you have a luscious body treatment to awaken your self-love. Or you join a Toastmaster event, allowing your Queen to speak her truth.

It’s in the manner that you can test, embody and feel what it’s like being your whole true self without fear or judgement. Only yourself. It’s also where you can experience others’ reactions to this new you. 

Like you, I’ve been finding more of my authentic voice and wondering how I can share it with you. Yes, I’m feeling fearful – what will you say? How will you react? 

But there is also excitement, hope and joy in my anticipation……more on that next time.