September is a funny month. There is an air of change in the breeze.

Holidays are over. The weather cools off and rain becomes more likely. It’s back to school as a new year starts. Trees and flowers start to fade as the rich hues of autumn will begin to show as we head towards the Autumn Equinox. Leaves start to shed and we look to harvest the fruits of our labours. A time for changes.

Change can come upon us suddenly. A redundancy or a diagnosis. It can grow from a seed into something we choose to pick later. Changes can come with a range of emotions and beliefs that drive us forward or makes us wobble and resist.

Welcome to this month’s theme, Ch ch ch ch changes. We’re going to step out of the colourful cabins we’ve been in and look around at all the possibilities around us.

Multicoloured beach changing huts in a row

Each day, change happens and we adapt, flex and keep going. This month, we’re not looking at the changes that have little long term impact on our lives, our careers and our love. We’re looking at intentional positive change; change that moves us forward as our whole authentic selves.

This type of change can feel uncomfortable. 

It means letting go of parts of who you are and the life you’ve led – at work, in love and within yourself.

Parts of you that have been put in place for a myriad of reasons. We thought they were right. We were told they would be good for us. We created them to please others or avoid conflict and upset.

Yet, we’ve tolerated them. 

Parts that have rubbed and irritated you. Parts that keep you out of alignment. Parts that diminish your joy.

Until we will no longer tolerate them and that’s where the magic happens.

Multicoloured beach changing huts in a row

I met with my Royal Marsden Hospital Pioneer Women recently. The coaching programme supports making sustainable lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of future breast cancer. Each woman has looked at her risk factors with a medic and decided to participate in order to change her future. 

At the beginning, we shared our fears and uncertainties. We talked about weight gains from poor choices, hormone changes and focussing on others first. We admitted our cheeky habits like that extra glass of wine or bag of crisps. We talked about knowing we needed to exercise more, but time was against us. We felt the shame and guilt of not meeting our needs or making better choices for ourselves. We got angry at not being more conscious or aware of the knock-on impacts of our tolerance. We collaborated on ideas and means to support one and other.

Quietly, changes happened. Differences were noticed. Smiles and motivation grew.

Now nearing the end with this cohort, I look forward to celebrating their successes, recognises the challenges they’ve faced through lockdowns and restrictions and looking ahead at how they have changed their futures. 

Their changes have been a joy and inspiration to observe as their coach. I’ve got to see magic happen.

Multicoloured beach changing huts in a row

As we shift out of Summer’s lightness and pleasure into Autumn’s season of harvesting and change, I invite you to step into your changing hut and decide what intentional changes could September bring you.

Where do you want more joy through greater alignment with your true self and values? Where are your needs met and your brilliance utilised? What must you stop tolerating so you can be your true self without fear or judgement?

Over the next 3 Mondays’ articles, I’ll share be digging into how to get started, what to do to get unstuck and how to make change stick.

Let’s make magic happen for you too. It’s a time for changes.