I’m learning to forward flex with more ease – 2020 has given us all cause to cry, get angry and feel like we’re stuck unable to say “YES” to joy in so many areas of life.

This week, I should be doing the last bits of preparation and communications for the “upcoming” Haven Retreat in the super cute, cosy Georgian Coach House I use to host them. A day of connection, nourishment and joy. I’d got a brightly coloured menu planned, I’d outlined the sessions with a mix of deep dives, reflective practices and movement.

All to provide women like you the opportunity to pause, take stock and leave with a new set of skills and approaches to lead empowered by joy, as well as a deeper sense of yourself and what your baselines are.

Frankly, I’m gutted.

I so enjoy these days.

I thrive on connecting with other women who want to achieve their full potential and are doing the work to grow and develop themselves to change the world around them – whether that’s in business, in public service, in environmental change, in the home or for causes they believe in.

Ballerina stepping through her routine

And the tears, a-has and laughter as each of them discover a new understanding of some experience, hits upon a realisation of a personal blocker or limiting belief and formulates how they can lead more impactfully.

Setbacks and disappointments have been rife this year.

The sadness and challenges for those who fighting COVID and their families – both the ill and the medical teams caring for them

Jobs becoming uncertain or simply disappearing.

Pressure on relationships, childcare and families cooped up at home, unable to “take a break” or limited connection with their friends and support networks.

Leaders unable to deliver a sense of confidence or vision for how we move forward.

Yet, some have taken these setbacks and used them as an opportunity to flex, pivot and change their way ahead.

I know how powerful my Haven Retreat days can be.

I’ve used up reams of stick flipchart paper coming up with different ways to deliver for you a Haven Retreat experience without being physically together.

And I think I’ve cracked it.

Across the week starting Monday 7th December, I want to invite you to join me each day for an hour of Haven style interactions and then on Monday 14th and Thursday 17th December, I’ll run two longer masterclasses to deep dive into two themes.

Right now, I’ve in full planning mode and I’d love your inputs – what would you value being part of the Haven Retreat week? Here are some ideas I’m playing with:

  • Create your joy makers toolkit
  • Realign with your values for joy
  • Communicate your “no” with more ease
  • Beat procrastination to find more joy
  • Spot the storm on the horizon
  • Lead from your values
  • Using breathwork to step out the eye of the storm
  • Leverage your Powertypes as a leader
  • Step out of your own way

(And don’t worry, if any of these don’t make it into the week or masterclasses, they will find a home in something else I do for you!)

My invitation is to let me know in the comments below or email me at sarae@saraepratt.com what do you want to learn about, explore or experience in the week or as a masterclass to help you lead empowered by saying “YES” to joy.

PS if you want to be sure to get a seat in the Haven Retreat online – reserve it here now.