In all relationships, we are trying to balance our needs, hopes and desires with those of others.  Together, we can create a space to feel accepted, supported and safe, where we can be vulnerable, courageous and our whole authentic self.

And sometimes, relationships can be challenging, draining or confusing. At worst, abusive and damaging.

As the last part of this month’s archetypes theme, I want to share how shifting your approach by stepping into your Powertypes can improve your relationships – with an intimate partner, family or work colleagues or clients. And perhaps the most important relationship of all, with yourself.

The biggest transformation I observe with clients who have hidden behind the “acceptable” mask, is when they bring the Powertypes to how they see and feel about themselves. By rediscovering who they are, their values and needs through the compassionate eyes of Lover, they have been able to forgive, let go and stop negative self-judgement. Those critical voices or soundtracks in their heads are often silenced as self-acceptance blooms.

Lover also enables us to practise effective self-care and replenishment – the gateway to being fully vital and resourceful in all of our relationships. Together with Sorceress’s ability to connect with our inner wisdom and to the unseen (see last week’s article), Lover set us up for success in our relationships with others.

She’s evocative, magnetic and delights in the senses – bringing her ability to give and receive pleasure with your lover or to your work colleagues by recognising their efforts and contributions.  

Warrioress offers a playful, dynamic energy to relationships. Helpful in making dull or routine work tasks enjoyable, she can improve your team’s engagement and motivation. Her “let’s do this” mindset neatly leads teams to achieve goals, milestones and deadlines through her organisational skills and the sense of empowerment she creates for others. With friends and children, Warrioress can also bring her physicality to creating safe “rough and tumble” and introduce new fun activities.

She’s also a protector, an ally and a fighter for her cause, passion and people. She walks her talk and seeks to ensure participation and engagement. In terms of improving your relationships, bring Warrioress’ protection and drive to what’s important about the relationship, what needs to happen in it and why that person/those people are important to you.

Combined with Queen’s vision, you can create a sense of certainty and purpose in relationships. 

The Queen Powertype can feel like she only belongs in the workplace – setting the vision and mission for the department or team, making decisions with inputs and counsel from advisors and building opportunities to serve. Yet, she has a place in your personal relationships.

Her strength in knowing what she must do to serve her family and friends includes meeting her needs without guilt and setting boundaries in behaviours and around her values. Imagine managing bedtimes or resolving family conflicts from Queen. She seeks inputs with an intention for fairness.

This inclusivity and justice brings loyalty and a desire to provide for her – allowing you to ask for help without guilt or shame.


Let’s turn to the Mother Powertype. The natural relationship for her is with children – her own or other children. Her unconditional acceptance and love for everyone creates a warm, safe space to be in. At work, she’s a patient teacher, nurturing skills and behaviours that benefit the teams.

A place in her hearth, at her table or in her team makes us feel a solace, a safety and well, a sense of coming home to where we belong. During times of change, you can improve your relationships by inspiring others to try something new, be brave and honouring every individual contribution to the whole – valuable with children or teammates but also with partners who are switching roles or experiencing challenging times. 

As your access to the Powertypes increases, your ability to transition between them will become more natural and authentic. 

In your relationship with yourself, Sorceress and Lover create your foundation of energy, self-compassion and faith, whilst Mother brings out the best in you with gentle encouragement.

In your intimate relationships, Lover provides a feminine sensuality and generosity of shared pleasure. Warrioress is the fiercest wing-woman to a partner experiencing a tough time – she has their back and knows how to support action. 

With colleagues or customers, Queen establishes working practices and norms within shared values, whilst bringing people together behind a vision of the future, which Warrioress can deliver upon with her “go get ’em” style and raw energy.

In same ways this article only scratches the surface of how the Women’s Powertypes can improve your relationships. I could write a book and still not be finished.

Looking back at the other pieces of this month, I’d encourage you to reflect on your key relationships and identify:

  • – where you would like a new dynamic?
  • – when do you want to feel more empowered to be your whole self? 
  • – how do you want them to show up for you?
  • – which Powertype(s) can you leverage to improve your relationship?

Do you know what your current access to the Powertypes? If not, why not consider taking the assessment and arranging a debrief with me to explore how you could enhance your familiarity with them?