I want to share some of my thoughts for the year ahead to bring me joy. I’ve spent quite some time digging into what I want for the coming year. So here is my vision and hopes for feeling more joy.

For this new year, I want to find joy in old and new ways.

Joy being with people. My loved ones, my friends, the kids I get to mess about with, the clients I walk alongside, my peers, my neighbours, my community and those who I’ve not yet met. Joy being with them in ways that already deliver joy and also trying new ways. 

I envisage cosy cottages, sea and river views, long walks, deep conversations and good food. I hear laughter and tears, singing and compassion. I feel my heart bursting with love and companionship. Pizza outings with my goddaughters and reading with another. Spa time with my sister and book launches with a university mate. Retreats with clients at beautiful venues where real transformation takes place and thriving memberships of my group coaching and The Coaches Club. More opportunities to collaborate with wonderful people, I admire.

Joy of pushing my limits. Each month, I intend to go out and do something new – a thought provoking exhibition, a pottery class, a solo trip away – and to set myself new challenges like a long distance trek for charity and putting myself out there more as we hopefully overcome some of the recent restrictions and concerns. I’m going to connect with people “IRL” at events such as the How to Academy, Enterprise Nation and One of many and by joining new clubs and groups. I want to be brave and be the person that says “Hi I’m Sarae, we haven’t met yet. Who are you?”

Joy of connecting with the world. I want to see forests and beaches, to swim in oceans and in lakes and to taste fruits and dishes from far off places. I want to lie in the grass and watch clouds float by and dance in rainstorms. I want to let go of what holds me back as I observe the full moons and connect to Source, knowing I’m held safe. Safe to be and do without knowing all the answers, the whats and the hows. 

I want the joy of my body and appearance. Over the last 3 or so years, it’s changed a lot and I’ve learnt to go with it, rather than battle the changes. Now I want to find joy in my body’s brilliance, my laughter lines’ memories and invest in caring for my insides and outsides more. I want to enjoy time in self-care, movement and acceptance of who I am becoming.

And I will find joy in releasing old burdens, fears and memories. That pollute my choices, erode my mood and reawaken challenging emotions. Joy in letting go of things that no longer serve me by decluttering my home, my life admin and my work systems, saying no instead of a polite yes and being clearing about my needs as a priority.

For the new year ahead, I am saying YES to joy in every way and I can’t wait to begin.

What are you going to be saying YES to?