Today, I’ve had a couple of big things to get done and instead, I’ve read a book, rang a friend, cleaned out my fridge, made soup and basically, avoided getting on with my priorities.

Hello, procrastination and self sabotage!

The rational piece of me knows I’ll have a late night now to get everything done, still, I don’t get started. I spin around and around allowing distractions, fun stuff and other unaligned things to stop me getting starting. I’ve no sense of being in the flow.

Every fibre of me knows my values, my needs and my intentions as I head towards Christmas and the end of 2020. Yet I’m stuck stalled. 

I know I’m not the only one feeling this way as COVID remains with us, as time indoors at makeshift desks lengthens, as connection with others is limited and as the balance of juggling it all remains a challenge. Several of my clients, colleagues and friends have all shared that it is harder to get going on what’s important to us and what will make our tomorrows brighter.

So why do we do this?

Sarae in front of a merry go round

From a neuroscience perspective, the pull to do what delivers instant rewards is driven by our limbic system – our emotional hub, the gatekeeper to our executive brain functions, including our abilities to plan, adapt, resist impulses, use our memories and our ability to get started.

We know this behaviour and thinking doesn’t serve us in the long run. We know it harms our wellbeing. We know it hurts our emotional resilience. We know it impacts our relationships and leadership. We know it stops us creating what we desire. However, in the moment, we get the instant rewards.

So why do we stall?

At times, we need to “eat the frog” – do something that is unpleasant and unenjoyable – to move us forward. Others because we’re unsure about how to tackle the next step. Our limbic system can also create meanings and emotions around activities from our past (like the time you had spinach in your teeth or when someone laughed at you), which hold us in the loop of round and round. 

And this year, I think the amount of uncertainty and unending giving of ourselves have had a not insignificant part to play in us acting for today and stalling on tomorrow. We’re getting by. We’re not getting on.

My question is: can you afford to stay going round and round, not moving ahead? 

I suspect not and I want to help you get started.

Join me for my Haven Retreat workshops. 5 daily workshops, on 7th to 11th December at 1900 (UK) and the following week a longer masterclass to step you for a joy-filled festive season. It’s completely free to participate and the recordings will be available if our diaries don’t match up. Better still there will be joy making prizes.

Each workshop will give you a mix of insights, a-has, tools or approaches to enable you to start a new step towards your tomorrows, as well as connection with other women looking to say “YES” to joy as they lead in life and work.

What would it be like to get off and get started again on your priorities, meeting your needs and finding joy as 2020 comes to an end?

Stop stalling. Register to join and get started again.