Without realising it, you use rituals each day of your life. You brush your teeth morning and night. You add milk before you pour the tea (or the reverse!). You put on trousers then socks (or vice versa!). We cross our fingers to bring good luck or salute magpies to ward off bad luck.

I once dated a commercial pilot, who actually pulled up his socks before preparing to land. Yes, you read that right – you may have landed in Gatwick or Heathrow with a guy who pulled his socks up superstitiously before landing.

I want to focus on a couple of ways you might create your own rituals to support your YES to joy as a leader. Let’s start by topping and tailing your day to create the foundations for joyful living and leading.

Woman brushing her teeth

Building a little Lover replenishment into your morning routine can really ignite your day. Using your needs creed, are there any daily activities you can enhance by being intentional about them? Here are some of my examples: morning pages in bed with a big glass of water, nourishing breakfasts that suit your body (baked beans on Weetabix, porridge, eggs or green smoothies), gentle movements to stretch and flex your body (I get my Pilates clients to do Y stretches in bed and standing cat/dog stretches whilst waiting for the shower to heat up) and my new favourite is a little lymphatic massage on my tummy, neck and limbs in the shower as I wash with citrusy, uplifting sudds.

What could you add to your morning rituals to better meet your physical and psychological needs?

And in the evenings, rituals are proven to improve our sleep quality. Bedtime teas or warm drinks, a tryptophan rich snack with some carbohydrate content (cherries, prunes, milk, pumpkin seeds, bananas or yoghurts) and a soothing mediation or mindfulness practice. I’ve mentioned before my Sourceress practice of “Thinking and Thanking” – a simple reflection of what joys and gifts that day have brought me, thanking Source (God, Mother Nature, the Universe, whatever yours is) and then concluding with “this and more please” to flow that energy onwards into my dreams and my tomorrows. (You can teach your kids to do this too)

What could you add to your evening routine to meet your physical, psychological and relational needs?

Have you found during the last year, you’ve been pulled between many roles in rapid succession? Learning your teams from home and only from home was a change. Layer on homeschooling, gyms and swimming pools closing, cinemas and restaurants, and let’s not forget our masks being worn on the tube or train, in the supermarkets and in any waiting rooms. We’ve needed to switch our energies and focus more often from work mode to gym instructor to boss to peer to friend to lover to teasmaid to delivery driver to carer to teacher to…..and breathe……

Woman with hands on heart

Insert a bridging ritual to manage yourself effectively. This time leverage your Powertypes – who’s energy, mindset and talents will help you in the next task, role or intention? A quick recap:

  • Mother brings a sense of safety and belonging, opportunities for nurturing growth in others and courage to be independent.
  • Lover as a leader offers a charismatic invite to participate, a source of creative vitality and generosity. She’s brilliant at recognising other’s brilliance.
  • Queen’s serene, calm nature and clarity of vision can shape your boundaries and protect your teams whilst making essential decisions on what is and what isn’t based on the counsel she has sought.
  • Leading from Warrioress ignites action and empowerment with an air of fun and physicality. She is resilient, flexible and trusts her instincts then acts quickly.
  • Sorceress’s access to greater wisdom and knowledge ensures magic will happen. Her people trust in her and have confidence and faith in themselves and their actions.

Each Powertype can be embodied – we did Queen embodiment just a few weeks ago – I like to think about postures, gestures and movements. Identifying your “go to” music tracks can help too as you walk or drive between things. You can also practice mini actions in type; such as giving yourself a gentle loving hug from mother if you’re feeling wrung out or upset or a 3 track dash to achieve a task. 

By crafting your rituals across the day and making them habitual, you free your brain and your body jolts as you shift as well as building the best foundations to meet your needs. Both of which allows space and energy for joy in your days. Time where you can simply absorb moments of wonder, tap into your flow or step into planned or serendipitous fun!

What rituals can you build into your day? Small steps add up to big changes. Pick one or two and focus on them into your day. Then add another. Until, you can say YES to joy more often.