My final post on this month’s theme of growth was originally going to be something different (don’t you’ll get it later in the year). I’ve been struck by the recent news reporting on the giant cargo ship that has got itself blocked in the Suez canal.

After the Ever Given’s engines failed, teams of engineers, a flotilla of small powerful tug boats, diggers and canal officials have been out to try and coax it away from the banks and back into the middle of the channel. The “traffic jam” on either side of it is growing by the day.

It occurs to me this is sometimes how our growth journey can feel. We learn. We test. We explore. We hide in our old ways. We get poked and tugged by others. We feel stuck.

And we get stuck for a raft of reasons – we get scared, we lack confidence or don’t feel safe to show our new skills off, we can’t find the opportunity to trial them. Or perhaps our inner critic speaks a bit too loudly and firmly for us to thank it, apply their shared wisdom and get on with developing. We might be about to rock the boat and shift our new selves away from cultural or societal norms we’ve conformed to before. 

I’d love to say here’s the one golden tool or model you can use. I don’t have one that fits all blockages you might face. So here’s a giant cargo ship size list of ideas for you – you can download a copy for your pinboard here.

I hope these might be a useful prompt in your development journey and especially as we transition out of lockdown. Tell me, do you have an idea, technique or a-ah to share? Drop it in the comments and I’ll update the download version to gather them all together.