OK, I admit it. I used to have days where I have zero idea what on earth I’m meant to be doing and question my decisions, my actions, myself. I get in a funk, a cycle of thinking, feelings and meanings that spiral around my head and resist change.

My self-confidence drops and I lose faith in myself. Sound familiar? Maybe you also have days where self-doubt creeps in and all you want to do is pull the duvet over your head?

The best way to explore and overcome this cycle is through experiments. Small little acts of play and learning. When these become a habitual practice, you can grow your confidence and your self-trust, and in turn, you feel more joy.

Experimenting helps us create new evidence to challenge our thinking, feelings and the meanings we make – it allows us to ask what else might be true here? Each piece of evidence grows your confidence and creates greater faith or self-trust.

Rows of loose leaf tea in jars, tea cups and a lady spooning tea

What types of experiments can I try?

1) Find a song that makes you feel the emotions you need to move forward. Play it to boost your mood and motivation.

2) Change your environment – stand up, move to a different view, add flowers or a scented candle, beautify your space.

3) Ask for suggestions from people, who have your back and get accountable for doing at least one of them.

4) Book a workshop and try a new skill, like a craft, a language or a relaxing practice.

5) Seek new gurus, experts and role models – do the things their research or experience say work.

6) Write a list of small challenges to hone your ability.

7) Play tourist in your own town or city: visit a museum or gallery, see a show or join a guided walk

8) Be a tourist somewhere else.

9) Draw, paint or sculpt someone or something to create your own mini exhibition (Pop it on your fridge or wall)

10) Lock your tech and go phone, tablet and computer free. 

Lady lying on her back with another lady administering reiki to her head

11) Spread positivity – smile at strangers, share a compliment with a colleague, express thanks, offer a helping hand, brings doughnuts……

12) Take a walk in nature: along a river or coast, around a farm or wildlife sanctuary, climb a hill or bathe in a lush green forest.

13) Try a type of bodywork – reiki, osteopathy, breathwork, a different type of massage.

14) Volunteer with a charity or local community group to do something for others.

15) Say yes to invites, you might usually turn down.

16) Explore meetup.com or Eventbrite and find an event to attend and meet new people.

17) Create a bridging ritual to connect with Source – meditation, dance it out, pray, sing or journal.

18) Ask to take on a new responsibility, at home at work or within a group.

19) Dress in a new combination of your favourites: pair trousers with a dress, two contrasting colours, wear a long forgotten sentimental item or something you normally reserve for special occasions.

20) Shake up your daily routine – switch your meals, when you exercise or add more self-care.

Lady in a pottery studio, using a pottery wheel

and of course, do anything that gives you a sense of what you desire to change: how do you want to feel, what do you want to think or do and what small experiment can give you an experience of them?

Be playful and have fun. Take the learnings and keep experimenting. Check-in with yourself regularly – what happens to your previous cycle of thinking, feeling and doing? Keep experimenting and before you know it, a new cycle that serves you better is created. Your confidence and self-trust will have grown, and you will feel more joy every day.

So tell me, what’s the first thing you are going to try?