When we feel like we’ve nothing but grit and determination to see us through, life, work and love can feel like tough going. There’s no magic, no unseen help or belief to support us. 

Sound familiar? I certainly felt this way at times in my life, where I was trying so so hard to be accepted, valued and acknowledged for my talents and not just the quantity of things I could juggle or plough through. It was lonely. I felt abandoned. I was just the unpaid, unwanted housekeeper at home or the dog’s body at work pushing things across the line.

I liked the idea of spirituality and perhaps was even considered by others as a bit “woo woo” through my Pilates and breathwork practices. When I started exploring the One of many® Women’s Powertypes™, connection to my Source and my access to Sorceress were both pretty low. I’d simply become so reliant on pushing through in Superwoman, I had no energy to bring to myself or to a higher connection.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve lent into the Powertypes, releasing Superwoman and her three friends (see last week’s post to meet them). Sorceress is now my ready access Powertype and I enjoy her every single day.

Take a look at the image below: what do you notice?

For me, the image shows the first element of Sorceress. Her contentment with being with herself and the wide-reaching calm that flows when you live a life with faith and connected wisdom. 

The reflection of the sun in the sky within its unseen stars and on the calm waters with the unseen currents and mysteries in its depths. Sorceress bridges what is seen and unseen, a conduit between heaven and earth. She surrenders to what she does not know and listens to her intuition and body for wisdom, sensing her higher power holding her in faith.

Having a strong connection with self brings self-confidence and self-trust, two things often eroded when we hide our talents or mask them because we are or have been judged poorly for them. My connection through Sorceress enables me to feel a positive self of self-reliance from a place of deep resourcefulness, not one of duty or obligation and being alone. She’s who has my back when I doubt myself and my inner critic churp in my ear. She holds me centred and still when it feels like the world is spinning out of (my) control when I need to surrender to the process and just breathe.

So what is Source?

For some women, Source refers to their religion’s God or Goddess and for others, it is the Universe, Mother Nature, the cosmos, science or higher consciousness. It is the power that wraps around us and within us, connecting us all in this life. It wants us to live a life in faith and wisdom. Source provides the magic or miracles in life and Sorceress is adept at putting her finger on just the right thing at just the right moment, guided by her connection to self and Source.

Sorceress revels in the mastery of her field and is often the recognised expert in her field – a guru to be learned from. Creativity and innovation flow through her initiatives transforming and healing challenges, rifts and relationships at work, home or in her wider community. You might even say she sprinkles a little fairy dust on things to make them extraordinary solutions, approaches or ideas. People go to share and feel her confidence and belief in resolution and progress. Her wisdom and advice are sought after by those around her.

When accessing Queen to create your vision and make clear, sound decisions, Sorceress is a key advisor to consult and listen to. She knows you are provided for and supported, and can access the discernment of Source to filter information and knowledge.

Living your life in faith and connected wisdom requires nurturing and effort to increase your connection to Source, whatever yours might be. Here are some ideas you could try that I use or my clients do:

  • – practice daily gratitude moments: I like to do this as I brush my teeth before bed. The two minute time goes on as I reflect on my day’s synchronicities, coincidences and joy makers
  • – walk barefoot in the morning dew soaking up the connection with the grounded support under your feet
  • – or sit under the stars in the evening and imagine their light being absorbed into your body
  • – spot and honour your rituals such as prayer, mediation or journaling. Perhaps creating a focal point for Source to do them in
  • – practice centring with a breathwork exercise or bringing mindfulness to your actions
  • – delegate to Source: ask for what you need: a car parking space, the rain to stop, a cheerful greeting when you arrive at the dentist. As my mother said, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”.

By doing a little bit of Sorceress each day can significantly increase your access and familiarity with Source’s power and support. Then when the world spins or your confidence wobbles, you can leverage her understanding and energy.

Pick an action above and give it a go – keep a note of your mood, your self-trust and how you show up to see what a transformation she can provide for you.