Within my work, I often discuss the many ways we create to lead ourselves, others and part of or whole organisations or businesses. When we grow, especially thorough times of uncertainty and change, we can lose touch with the familiar. New doubts and worries come up and usually, we protect ourselves with additional learning, mentoring, supporters and the like.

With the pace of change and the lack of clarity about what and when things could and couldn’t happen in the last 12 months, many of us have lost much of the familiar and embarked on a journey to new ways that have departed from the well-worn paths we knew. 

As we wander away from the old path, those voices in our heads find plenty to talk about, poke you with and try to hold you back. You know the ones…..

“You think this is a good idea?”

“How are you going to do that?”

“If only you were like….”

“Stop now or you’ll end up embarrassing yourself”

Woman head in hands, upset, frustrated. Mirro showing her reflection

Some times, they sound like a naysayer. Other times, a bully or self-doubt. They can sound like an echo of a past experience – the voice of a stern teacher, frustrated parent, school bully or angry child. None of them make us feel good about ourselves nor help our motivation, commitment or consistency.

Every time, it is our subconscious seeking to highlight risks, threats or danger that could be ahead of us. It brings us shame, fear, anxiety or a sense of vulnerability.


To protect us. 

Nothing else. Not to make us feel bad, doubt our talents, lose our confidence, to create a pit in our stomach or second guess ourselves.

To have a meaningful conversation with our inner critics, I think first we need to rename them. They aren’t critics, despite wearing that name.

Go back and re-read those quotes above.

Woman sat at desk with laptop, massaging her temples

They feel different. They feel constructive, supportive and maybe even an opening to other potential paths. 

I recommend daily journal practices and do them myself. Often, it is when I have the most provocative and productive conversations with my inner protectors. They offer us a connection with our Mother and Warrioress Powertypes.

Yes, sometimes their inputs sting or make me waver in confidence – listening to the physical sensation/reaction in my body means I can listen to the message within more carefully and with self-compassion. A pause to catch my breath often helps me find the space I need to open up and be vulnerable with the sensations and please, don’t think I do this “in the moment” every time either. I, like you, sometimes miss their desire to enable me and only catch the negative blow.

Another way, our inner protectors’ support is in providing access to our wisdom when we seek clarity of vision or purpose – by using them to access Source (God, Buddha, Mother Earth, The Universe or your name for it). Listening to their wisdom, knowing and guidance can cultivate new aspects of how we will lead, live, create sustainable change. This can help us navigate our minds, dreams, ambitions with Sorceress’ born insight.

Young lady staring out of the car window, looking over a wheat field

The latter feels really timely right now as we hopefully head out of COVID restrictions and into a new future. Are you clear on how you want to step out of these last 12 months and into the brave, new world? What might your inner protectors be trying to tell you?

My workshop next week with the wonderful Maggie Cunningham of True Colours Coaching and Magin Rose will be tackling exactly this – listening into our inner longings for our futures and crafting ways to move forward in faith, in completeness and without burden or sacrifice.

Read about this workshop and the other confirmed workshops in my “Unlocking Lockdown” series here and do RSVP to join Maggie and me on Tuesday 23rd March at 1930 on zoom or to receive the recording if that is more convenient. I really hope to see you then!