A change to the planned blog -with the events in Ukraine, I feel compelled to switch out my cheery topic and simply be present to this heartbreaking, challenging time our Ukrainian peers are facing.

Like me, I’m sure you have seen the coverage of babies being born in makeshift wards in underground stations, mothers and wives making cargo nets, and families fleeing their homes. Equally, the faces of young Russian men sobbing on camera and saying this is not my war, this is not what I want to do, but I’m being forced. 

Now, I’m not about to head into a politicised essay. I do want to acknowledge the devastation, helplessness and upset I feel as maybe you do too. I want to share some thoughts on what might help you lead yourself and others through scary times.

The first image is the Motherland Monument in the central square of Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. Ironically it marks the end of an earlier war and now finds itself at the centre of current actions. A brave woman, standing in her sovereign power, looking at at the possibilities the future holds and focusing in on her vision. I see a female leader, who knows her people’s pains, exhaustion and fear and still she stands to serve them, providing clarity and direction.

Leading in scary times: Ukraine's Motherland Statue with a clear blue sky behind her.

From a Powertype perspective in this frozen moment, she’s our Queen – a role model in prioritising her needs without guilt in order to give her best self to her realm, whether that’s her family, her church group, her charity buddies or her team at work. Her best is in using her talents of advice and counsel then discerning the most impactful course to set before inspiring others’ desire for future outcomes, joys and benefits.

In scary times, ask yourself what is your vision for you and for your realm? What do you need to know or discover to make decisions and create clarity? What do you need to be your best self?

If you imagine this statue had been a real woman, she would also be leaning into her Lover and Mother Powertypes. 

For yourself, Lover provides the invite to others to join your efforts with her warmth and ability to truly see people for who they are. She sells the sizzle of excitement of what membership means. Her expressive nature allows for emotions to be felt, space for vulnerability to be shared and integrity through action. |for herself, she creates her own time to explore and release emotions and soothe tensions in her body, mind and soul through self-care.

In scary times, ask yourself how can you bring life, creativity and emotional engagement to the vision? Where are the energy levels at – for you and your people? What replenishment is needed?

Mother’s unconditionality allows people to belong, regardless of who they are, what they can do, where they have come from. She is the home for psychological safety – to be, to do and to speak up without fear of judgement or persecution. Celebrating successes and nurturing growth as cheerleader, coach and teacher fall into Mother’s sweet spot of strengths. Her children, colleagues and friends can feel her trust and belief in them – calling the best forth in each of them in a firm but fair way.

In scary times, ask yourself what you can do to build an even stronger sense of belong and acceptance? How can you encourage performance? What can you offer yourself to feel safe?

Leading in scary times: a white woman with blond hair, hiding behind a door resisting entering the room

These three are supported by the feminine power sources of Warrioress and Sorceress.

The firestarter of action is Warrioress; she sees the necessary steps within the chaos of change, heighten emotions and confusion, delegating with care and seizing the opportunities to move forward with a pacey agility. Her fierce advocacy for her people is legendary – she will defend and hold the boundaries necessary to achieve the Queen’s vision for the realm. Her hand are dirty as she leads side by side to her people. 

In scary times, ask yourself what small doable actions can we take? How can you create flow between the tasks and the people, bearing in mind where they are at? Can you protect yourself and your people from challenging emotions, unhelpful distractions and overwhelm?

Sorceress has a secret weapon for scary times. Her grounded nature and connection the potentiality of the Universe. She says yes to innovation and new approaches, untying the knots holding progress back. When you watch a leader connected to her Source, you can’t really see or observe her process – she just knows what comes next, sees where the hitch lies or spot the patterns. Almost like a kinda of magically wisdom. She is more faith-driven than evidence-driven – her “hunches” tend to prove to be right. Time seems to move differently around her.

In scary times, ask yourself what you can do to increase your faith and connection to your Source? Can you listen to that whisper of inspiration, a-ha or wisdom? When could you trust your gut in ambiguous or fast moving times?

Leading in scary times: a diverse team, standing in a block formation, looking off to the right. They look focused with a mix of courage and fear

Leadership also requires masculine energy to thrive – you may need short specific orders or to leverage competitive natures. During scary times, especially emergencies a more masculine take on Warrioress’ JFDI nature or Queen’s preference for consultation can keep people safe. However, Mother’s nurturing, Lover’s compassion and their combined powers to meet others where they are and support them can also be a real boon.

Whilst you may not be faced with the reality of the Ukraine, change happens to us all. It can be terrifying, triggering and tip us into the disempowering archetypes of Bitch, Martyr or Victim, my hypothesis is leveraging the Women’s Powertype will give you additional energy, effectiveness and a greater sense of resourcefulness and self-belief.

Travel with an open heart and compassion this week, my friends – we are stronger together, when we lean in. 

If you feel unsure of how to help, please check out Sara Price’s excellent advice on contacting your MP and if you have the ability, you could donate to the Red Cross’s humanitarian appeal