We’ve begun to enjoy many new beginnings in the last few weeks – vaccination rollouts on track, gentle easing of restrictions moving cautiously ahead and the ability to connect with loved ones further afield is a much-awaited joy.

There are calls for swifter progressions in unlocking, alongside more prudent voices to pace ourselves. I’m reminded of conversations I have with organisations and with coachees about their own journeys into their own new beginnings.

Welcome to June’s theme, New Beginnings.


Evolution or revolution. 

A cry for incremental careful steps towards a goal or significant, perhaps even radical change.

Both can have their place and their successes. Both can fail. 

There is no one size fits all approach to organisational or personal development and transformation. I know this from my professional experience and my personal path from starting out as an engineer to today as a people development specialist, from a damaged good girl to a healing emboldened woman.

Yet so often I’m asked for an off the shelf programme or workshop. Why? We like certainty, it calms our brain’s worries, it provides an anchor to hold tight to and it gives clarity about what next. For organisations, there is a perceived certainty in the ROI if someone else already tried it and got results.

Whilst my Realise coaching programme has a number of elements that all coachees and I work through, and I have a large kitbag of tools and techniques learnt over the years, I believe it is successful because together we co-create their path to realising a future where they can confidently and comfortably bring their whole selves to life, love and work.

I prefer to take a similar approach with corporate work, especially when they are anxious to deliver excellence for their employees and their customers. A bespoke presentation or workshop always meets, if not exceeds, repetitive generic content.

For some, it is an evolution across the sessions or workshops I facilitate. For others, revolutions are in order. 

Asian girl looking at camera with pale rainbow overhead in a grey sky

Regardless of your path’s evolutionary or revolutionary nature, taking a step needs a dose of bravery and determination. 

We practice it each day – mostly without awareness that we are courageous. In tiny steps in the things we do, how we feel and what we believe about ourselves. It’s what enables us to keep going – even when we feel stuck or like we’re treading water going round and round.

It is how we start our new beginnings and how we navigate through the ups and downs. We need to connect with our why, the inner wisdom we have as we make each step especially the ones that take us off track.

How do you get in touch with your courage? I work with the Sorceress Powertype to enhance our connection to our courage – from journaling and mediation to breathwork and creating a “why” statement as the meaning we want to hold and feel in the moment.



New beginnings are a choice. Most of the time.

Some are forced upon us due to external circumstances – hello Covid and your difficult impacts; furlough, sickness, loss and more.

Similarly, some are driven by a desire to get away from a bad circumstance or person. Others by hopes and dreams of a different, brighter future.

We can choose the meaning and motivation we wish to carry forward. Our Inner Critic likes to chime in with her thoughts around about now – and there is wisdom held in them. She seeks to protect us from hurt, shame, embarrassment or judgement; her tone and words often sting at first. 

One tool I use with clients to help them assess their meaning and motivation is the In or Out list – very simply put: grab a piece of paper, fold it in half longways and mark one side “I’m in” and the other side “I’m out”. Then jot down as many answers as you can. Push through at least two blank spots.

Go broad, wide, deep, random, crazy…. Wherever you need to tap into to generate the fullest list you can. Then summon your courage and decide on the meaning and motivation of your new beginning.

Outstretch open palm with rainbow light across it

One of the potentially most challenging parts of new beginnings is looking at the people around us. Whilst many will support and cheer us on, some may need to fade away or are yet to be found. 

Two of the challenges I come across are when important people to us can’t get on board with us. Family, cultural, societal and religious expectations or norms can create real tension when we stop hiding and choose a life as our whole authentic self. These are often deeply held and can create pain on all sides. 

The second is finding your “tribe” – the people you’ve yet to meet who can help you, as role models, with advice and hindsight or simply walk with you as your new beginning becomes fully embodied. 

But to recap, many people will stick with you – some may even surprise you by sharing their own journeys that you were unaware of. Be grateful for those you’ve got and ask Source to deliver the right people to you. I’m always amazed when I do this with an open heart, how often they pop up out of the blue.



Whether your approach is evolution and revolution, new beginnings can help us create more opportunities to experience.

By honouring our needs and respecting our values, we build a vision and the strengths to take action in creating a brighter future. By bringing our whole true self to every aspect of our lives, we realise greater joy. 

Each step into our new reality enhances our insights, grows our courage, emboldening our liberty and creating stronger, more resilient connections with our tribes…….for even more joy.

When the going gets challenging, feels painful or you don’t know exactly what comes next, find one small action and keep the circle of energy going.

REdheaded woman with wisps of curls and drop earring, rainbow light refracted down her face, across her eye and down her cheek

Rainbows are considered a sign of new beginnings – set your sights on yours this month. 

Tell me, are you ready for yours?