What would it be like to end 2020 knowing how to achieve more joy, more clarity and peace? Pause for a second. Breathe. Just what would that feel like for you?

It feels 2020 has taken these from us.

I’ve been rescheduling Haven Retreat days in response to changing COVID all year – and knowing that you were keen to join one. 

I’ve had enough. You’ve had enough. 

I want to invite you to invest in yourself and join me at a virtual version of my Haven Retreat. I’m going to host five daily workshops and a longer masterclass for you to create your own unique approach for greater joy, clarity and peace.

And I’m making it free to attend, as well as recording the whole week. I want as many women as possible to benefit from the workshops, my coaching and from connecting with other women to grow our support team. 

Sound good? Read on. 

Lady offering Joy sign

We know women have been hit harder by COVID, lockdowns, working from home, homeschooling and additional caring responsibilities. Many of us have missed out on our usual replenishment activities, whether that was our gym class, catching up with our friends or a break away.

Many of us rediscovered our connection to Super Woman – one of our disempowering, unsustainable archetypes – but she feels different. 

No longer is she about being perfect leader of high performing teams as she gliding from project to project, immaculately turned out, after making the most imaginative packed lunches.

Rather Super Woman has learnt to lead from afar over her laptop screen and keep delivering despite the chaos and uncertainty, juggling PE with Joe, making tasty meals from her online shopping substitutes and hiding her exhaustion as she pushes on.

She can’t go on and nor can you. 

Join the Haven Retreat week.

Lady slumped over her desk exhausted

Together across the week, we’ll explore how your time is being used and whether that is moving you towards or away from your values, finding more joy at home and work, tools for spotting storms on the horizon and to better care for yourself filling your vessel to give to others. You’ll get to experience some of the a-has my clients get working with me, as well as being part of a wonderful community.

And in the masterclass, we’ll focus on setting yourself up for success and progress, focusing on joy, clarity and peace to bring 2020 to a positive end.

Here’s your invite, my gift to you: join me for Haven Retreat week, Monday through Friday 7th to 11th December at 1900 UK time and invest in your year-end.

RSVP here, pop the workshops in your diary and I’ll be in touch with how to make the most of the week, as well as the logistical whatnots.

PS Know a girlfriend or colleague who could benefit from a compassionate, helpful hand? Please share my invite with her.

Lady offering a gift