Feel more joy journal on table with empty coffee cup and small leafy plant

Pause for a second and imagine a world in which every woman realises the joy of living, working and loving as her whole self

A world where we can leverage our brilliance for the common good and where we no longer fear judgement or rejection because of what makes us unique. 

Imagine a world where we are valued and cherished for all that we are – able to pursue careers that fulfil us, relationships that support us and step up as leaders to inspire those around us.

Is that the world you want to thrive in?

The Feel more joy journal is a self-directed exploration and discovery experience through the pillars of my coaching process. By journaling, you gain greater self-awareness, self-worth and self-confidence allowing you to step into your aligned life. Your journal is a safe place to pour your heart out and create that life.

Inside, you’ll find prompts to support you getting a-has, more courage and greater self-trust as you define what you need to truly thrive and experience abundant joy every day. The quotes pages offer small pieces of inspiration as you work through the journal.

Written by me, Sarae Pratt, ICF Professional Certified Coach. I bring together 20 years of professional expertise with my own personal development experiences moving between careers, geographies, relationships, illnesses and more into the journal. 

Today, I journal most mornings to clear my head, connect with my purpose and awaken my day’s intentions as I work with individuals and corporations delivering transformational coaching and training programmes that enable women to shift from striving to authentic thriving.


Feel more joy journal on table next to a leafy plant

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One of many Women's Powertype cards fanned out: Sorceress, Warrioress, Lover, Mother and Queen
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