Autumn is a season of change, leaves and conkers fill the parks, gardens and paths around my home. Squirrels dashing about gathering stocks for winter. Countdowns to Christmas and now in the UK, lockdown 2. Oh, and let’s not forget Brexit and the US election.

Change can feel exhilarating, energising and thrilling, something to run towards.

It can feel downright overwhelming, scary and oppressive.

It would be easy to write this year off, with its disappointments from a global pandemic, lockdowns and all the challenges they brought – isolation, juggling work and home schooling, anxiety for vulnerable loved ones, toilet roll stockpiles(!) and having more to do.

We could just push on, keep going and ignore the warning bells that we’re living our days in Super Woman; she who can do it all whilst standing alone, keeping everything on track, driving her team to succeed, packing the best lunches and never forgetting to post that card or send flowers.

Super Woman is a killer – quite literally. She runs on adrenaline and cortisol. She is unsustainable and can result in serious physical and mental health issues. Trust me, I know – I’ve got the hip to hip scar to prove her impact on me; she’s a menace.

Just pause for a second. When was the last time you actively took your attention to your needs and what you’re prioritising? When was the last time you invested in you?

Woman walking up stairs smiling

Self-care is one of the essential ways to ensure we meet our basic needs and leveraging our Lover Powertype is how to engaging our senses in replenishing our life force or vitality. How are you bringing your attention to your Lover activities during this time of change?

Not just for your basic needs, create your list of deeply nourishing boosts: a favourite eat or drink that excites your mouth, a song that helps you mentally detach from the world to connect on a higher level, something that makes your skin tingle with pleasure and so on. What sets your senses alight and leaves you on a buzzing high?

Yet, we need to step into action. We need to deliver, wearing our many hats. We need to lead, by investing in ourselves first.

Empowerment through joy runs through the Warrioress archetype. Her commitment to her cause or mission is legendary, yet she finds a way to make even the most mundane or challenging task fun. She boogies her way through the ironing. She kicks piles of leaves as she goes from A to B. She plans her days to include fun. She’s an expert at gamification.

I’m bringing my attention to bring Warrioress’ action taking and her ability to do it with fun built in – as well as to Lover’s nourishing self-care to invest my time and energy in just 3 things:

  • Design the Haven Retreat to maximise the outcomes for you,
  • Ensure I have the vitality and resilience to face lockdown effectively,
  • Create extra joy to lift my soul and serve others from a full vessel.
Woman debating which stairs to climb

I’m added time in my diary for movement and mediation, as well as calling someone each weeknight for a quick catch-up. None of these takes more than 20 minutes to boost my energy and vitality whilst boosting my emotional resilience.

I’m concentrating on my research and development of our Haven Retreat week together and I’m deprioritising as much as I can. I use a Passion Planner to coordinate the fixed items like client appointments, assignment deadlines and urgent important tasks; now I’m adding an extra layer by scheduling my self-care activities, dance breaks between meetings, end of the working day walks and cooking bright vibrant food.

By bringing my attention to my needs and priorities, I’m investing in getting radically clear in order to think ahead and make small achievable steps. I’m setting myself up for compassionate progress, filling my vessel to lead from joy.

How are you investing to create your own small steps to leading from joy? 

(PS Can I make one small investment in your clarity, priorities and actions easy for you? Click here to get your seat at the Haven Retreat “live” and pop an hour in your diary at 1900 Monday 7th to Friday 11th December for the 5 workshop sessions.)