This month, we’ve explored our mindset for taking action, small actions we can take to create joy and why connection is key in achieving our joy-fuelled lives. 

There is still something that can get in our way. 

Something that deters us from trying. Something that makes us believe we can’t create our own joy. Something that we aren’t good enough, capable enough or smart enough to succeed.

Procrastination is a pain in the a**. It sneaks up us as those little distractions. A ping on your phone. That extra episode (or two) on Netflix. A load of washing you could sort and put on. Or that minds spin of going round and round in your thinking to find the right or best first step, dodging the decision to take action. 

It stops us from prioritising our actions and living in a more aligned way.

Let’s check in with why we are in our own way.

Black woman with amazing afro hair, walking through tall lush green grass with her hand up shading her eyes from our attention

I start with this question for myself and my clients, when we’re procrastinating: which of my needs is not being met?

Pausing and checking in with ourselves – how am I meeting my physical needs? My psychological needs? My relational needs? My spiritual needs? Can I do anything right now to get to ok?

For me, it’s often a big glass of water that I mindfully drink, noticing the sensation in my hand, the coolness as I swallow it and breathing slowly and deeply between mouthfuls. It’s a chance for my spinning mind to also slow down and cool itself.

Other times, it’s a brisk walk – whatever the weather. Or to mediate to something that inspires my Sourceress and surrender to the moment in order to gain clarity. It can be to set a timer and rapidly whizz through the distractions – fold the laundry, make soup, empty the bins and so on – once the time is up, I take action.

It can also be that procrastination comes from overwhelm when we are juggling too much in our complex work and lives, perhaps from Super Woman or through Mother’s or Warrioress’ sacrifice for others or the “cause”. If this might be the reason you’re getting in your own way, hop back to this earlier blog, “Mayday, mayday” for a solution.

Women boldly starting out from behind a gold foil mask

The next check is to ask “what do I not know about what I need to do?” Have you ever noticed how much more we procrastinate when we feel like we don’t know how to do something, we’re not feeling confident in our abilities or “last time” it didn’t turn out how we wanted? Yep, me too. 

This is the time that connection counts. Who can help you? Who knows how to do it? Who can unpick your brain’s reaction or your heart’s pounding? A bestie? A trusted colleague? An expert? Your mentor or coach? 

Along with the “who”, I also use and teach the One of many(™) Powertypes – which gives us another question: “who do I need with me?” This allows us to directly tap into the energy, characteristics and ease each one can bring us. I mentioned Sorceress in my times of surrender as I seek wisdom and Lover with her attention to self-care and love in meeting our needs. Mother can bring us acceptance of our struggles, whilst maintaining our confidence. Warrioress’ zest for action can get us started and Queen’s vision for our long term purpose and intentions can hold us steady as we travel.

Don’t know what your Powertype profile is yet or how to leverage them? Drop me a line and we can fix that. 

Waxy honeycomb with bees moving around doing their work

One last thought. I delivered a workshop last week to a group of 50+ career changers, looking for new challenges in switching roles, firms or industries. I shared the metaphor of crossing the honeycomb and I think it fits here too.

There are many bees helping each other across the honeycomb. They need to cross the little cells of goodness that join each of their sides to another in a honeycomb, creating millions of opportunities to travel across. Some cells are filled with badness or misformed in some way – these are the challenges we face. They may make us back up, turn ourselves around or re-strategise but there is still always a path for us to succeed in our intentions and a helping hand close by

Don’t forget that. There is always a path you can take with your kinswomen supporting you, if you get out of your own way.