Welcome to February! The 2nd of the month is the midpoint of Winter – we’re on the home stretch to Spring – each day takes us a little nearer to lighter days and warmer weather. I’m starting to be frustrated in that cooped up sensation dark, wet days bring.

So I’m setting off outside, wellies on, earphones at the ready to stretch my legs and mind, whilst I explore my alignment. Wanna come join me?


Living in alignment with our true self can be hugely satisfying, yet somehow hard to come by. We can regularly feel we’re not there – that rub or friction between what we aspire to do, be or feel and what we’re experiencing. We might feel a sense of guilt or shame that we’ve not met our own standards.

How do we find those standards? Well, some come from collective values, perhaps through our religion or the morals and principles of our community. Many of us have been taught we should treat others as we’d like to be treated ourselves and when we observed a bully and the trouble they get into as collectively, we agreed this behaviour wasn’t acceptable. I’m not holding these examples up as being “your” truth, rather sources of how we start to build our standards.

Activities of self-connection, such as journaling, mediation, time having fun by ourselves, also show us our values, our no go lines and where we have more to learn about ourselves. Much like a fine wine, our sense of self grows in sophistication with age and with our efforts to really know our authentic, true self. I’d include in this the media we consume (books, podcasts and learning), the people we listen to, the adventures we take and our capacity to be comfortably uncomfortable as we look into our blind spots of unknowns.

Reflecting back on the last few weeks, how have you invested in living in your alignment? What’s worked and what didn’t come off as you’d like? Looking into February, what can you do to create more opportunities to connect with yourself and find alignment?

Showing up as you when you’ve not been doing so, takes clarity and bravery. Every client I work with at some point will define their values with me and explore their “towards” motivators for living in alignment.  Values are the filter for our actions and the lens in which we read others’ behaviours – usually, they are an abstract word or short phrases with an associated outcome. When present in our lives, they light us up, making us feel joy.

The same is true for our needs, once your “why” and the “how” and the “what” are clarified and they are easier to act upon, creating alignment and space for joy.

Equally, you must know what conflicts exist and in which aspects of your life those values and needs are present to find what you will truly prioritise in your actions, thoughts and feelings.

For February, I encourage you to get clear on one or two values or needs that if you lived in alignment with them, would make a real difference to your energy and joy. If you’re not sure how to do that or would like a team of cheerleaders to support you, drop by the Haven – we’ve got you. If you’d like to explore your values and needs in more depth, drop me a line.



Knowing your values and needs is one thing – holding firm on them is a choice and that is made harder by the uncertain circumstances we face right now before we even think of the “usual” challenges life offers us.

Our Queen Powertype looks to serve her realm with her full energy and might. And she knows she must tend to her own wellbeing first, before ushering progress or change around her. Queen also knows when to seek help – whether that is as advice or practical hands-on deck.

Practising your embodiment of Queen is one way to bring her into your life and maintain those boundaries, which create alignment for you. One quick practice is to pop on some regal music and enact putting on your heavy glorious crown and thick cloak of rich velvet, feeling how they change your posture, your gaze, the pace at which you want to move and the sense of serene grace that fills you up. (I love Glorianna (Hymn a la Femme) by Vangelis. It works a treat for me stepping into Queen. Clients, who are fans of the Crown or Victoria, use music from their soundtrack. Whatever feels queenly to you is right). Do a body scan and lock the sensations in your limbs, spine, core, shoulders, arms, neck, head away – ready for when you need to step up and hold a boundary around a value or need for alignment. 

As you know my monthly newsletters are shaped around my 5 business values – what I hold dear in the way I serve my vision and work with you or with organisations to ensure every woman can lead by saying YES to joy across every part of her life. 

I want you to have the information you need, the courage and liberty to act upon it with a network of supportive, like-minded women backing you up. For then, we all experience joys.

I’m looking to create virtual Haven Retreat days in the Spring as it’s pretty clear we won’t be able to get in one room for some time, yet the benefits those days deliver are really key right now. I’m also opening up times for coaching intensives too – these are 2.5 hour sessions to deep dive, explore and discover, practice and grow in specific areas you need someone to guide you through.  If you’d like to know more about either of these, drop me an email. (I will be creating a waitlist for Retreats)

And of course, the idea that led to the creation of the Haven group came from my research last summer with over 30 women. The constant in their responses was having somewhere private and safe to be, to share their wins and their challenges, to meet others striving to lead authentically and create joy in the lives. You are always welcome there.



Does joy that brings alignment or alignment bring joy? Hmmm, I’ve pondered this one a fair bit. I think there is a sort of energetic loop we create when either of these occur, the other is the knock-on bonus and we feel motivated to create more, to be clear on our must-haves and the lines not to be crossed, the things and people that light us up or crush us to the core.

One of my personal values is the nourishment of my body, my mind and my soul. It’s a towards motivated filter for the things I elect to do, eat, listen to or be with. When I nourish myself, I gain new knowledge and wisdom about myself, I lean into being my best self and I can become more for myself and to the realm I serve. I have my favourites for sure but I also seek out new opportunities to achieve this – some of which I enjoy and will repeat, whilst others are a “no, won’t be doing that again”. My soft play dates form part of this – weekly 60-minute solo activities that partner the morning pages practices from Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. Last month, I tried a new online vocal meditation class (which I would have been far too intimidated to do in person) and listened only to podcast recommendations from friends, instead of my usual ones. I loved both, far more than I expected, they support my nourishment value and inspired a conversation with a client into a whole new direction. Small wins in my aligned living!

How can you create joy and alignment in February as the days grow lighter and warmer? Could you have a lockdown friendly solo date trying out something new to support one of your values or needs? Stuck for ideas, ask in the Haven.