The horizon with the new year on it is tantalisingly near. Just a few weeks away after the festivities and all they bring. Then beyond are the hopes, expectations and perhaps also some doubts about what the new year holds.

For me, I’m enjoying wrapping up this year and dreaming about what could be on and beyond that first horizon. I’m preparing to start next year strong and this week, I hope to inspire you to consider how you want to approach your new year.

You’ve heard me say it before – start by replenishment first. I’m planning extra early nights, long walks by the river, extra greens and fluids (not including bubbles or Baileys!). I’m dancing and singing my way through Christmas tunes (This playlist is my current wintery favourite) with my gals, the five One of many Women’s Powertypes. I’ve got time with loved friends and family planned in, as well as time just for me on my own.

Next, I’ve created a wall of flip chart papers. I’m trusting in Source to help me add, build and create what could be in my new year – for work, for fun, for love, for my continued growth, for the causes I care about and so on. Every time a possibility, idea, or carryover from this year (and last if I’m honest) I make a note on the left hand side. At this point, I leave any critiquing or validating out until I’m all poured out. You might not need a whole wall – a life of being a trainer and writing on flip charts means my handwriting is pretty large and a tad messy – you might find a couple of A4 sheets or a favourite notebook works for you. You might like to write, draw or use images from magazines or photos from your phone – you do you ☺️

I have two half days booked to explore, refine and plan from that wall of potential pieces of my new year. I stock up with my favourite tea, wrap up in my cosiest comfy clothes and select a soundtrack. Again, you may need less time or prefer to do it on one “sitting” and do it in your favourite coffee shop or  coworking space (I like the window seats at the top of the Royal Festival Hall or the cafe in Tate Britain or Tate Modern)

The first half day is feeling into what could be – read through it all and tuning into what emotion comes up. Fear? Excitement? Uncomfortable? Itching to dig in? Anger? Committed? Understanding how each item makes me feel helps me judge it’s importance and value to me – I know the best intentions needs to include some stretch, as well as some easy wins for me to grow. That said some journaling or a belief challenge and release can be helpful (I teach these tools as part of my coaching programmes if you’re curious)

Anything that hits my mark gets a circle around it to “prioritise” it for the next step.

Then I bring my Queen’s clarity, structuring and discernment to bear. I prioritise again – this time for work, for life, for me. The questions I use is “will this bring me joy?” and “how is this aligned with my authentic self’s desires and needs?” My top 3 priorities for each area answer those two questions completely and without hesitation.

The second half day brings up the Warrioress’ playful planning, tempered with a helping hand from Mother and Lover to ensure I put me at the centre of my choices and plans without risking overwhelm, stress and burnout. I sketch out a rough flow by month, adding anything that is time-specific first – such as a birthday trip or an exhibition I want to visit. Some prioritises may need chunking up into manageable chunks or detailed considerations to work out the “how” of the “what”.

I also include regular review time where I can sit back and focus on how I’m travelling on, what is working well, what I need to adapt or ditch based on new, more current insights and “is this bringing me joy?” 

Lover’s mindset helps me to consider who I want and need to support me – my coach, my peers, my friends and so on. If I can’t put a name to it, I add the “job title” or purpose of that person. She also sprinkles regular self-care practices that go beyond my usual day to day practices and habits. For me , that include my annual mammogram, osteopath appointments and time outside on water (show my the way to the paddleboard!!)

Mother brings her sense of nurturing and nourishment to the plan, by adding any learning, reading or personal growth I need to enable me to complete my priorities without sacrifice or exhaustion. I’m pretty good at overestimating how much I can tackle – thank you corporate career for that false belief!

For the coming year, I’m keeping my habit of using my Passion Planner‘s structuring of months and weeks to me on track and intentional. I highly recommend them – if you fancy trying it out, you can download free pdf versions to play with. Oddly, most notes and writing I do on my iPad apart from my Passion Planner, which I prefer in paper form – each purchase also makes a donation to an essential charity, making joy from value of purposeful spending.

This is my process – keep what works for you and flex what doesn’t. Do also explore other people’s process – ask your friends, mentors or colleagues what the do and take what appeals to you.

Let me recap the whole thing as simply as I can: Dream all of the what could be things for your 2022 with Sorceress. Bring Queen’s serene decision making to consider and prioritise and then Warrioress’ “make it happen with fun” vibes to your year’s flow. Lover and Mother offer the people, supports and additions to enable you to achieve your intentions with compassion and joy.

If you’re curious about how you can leverage the Powertypes to create your plans for the new year, why not buy a discounted Powertypes assessment, personalised report and 90 minute debrief with me with the END21STRONG code – you get 21% off the usual price! I’m always amazing at the lightbulb moments these bring in such a short time and how much clarity and direction clients find in them.