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Need leadership & people development expertise to accelerate your women leaders' success?

I get it, you need a talent strategy that flexes with and supports your organisation's ambitions and your people's expectations.

However big, volatile and challenging they might be.

  • You need it to deliver inclusive, impactful actions that create happy, highly-equipped people who stay with you as they evolve and use their talent.
  • You need it to support leaders and deliver leadership excellence through targeted, ripple-effect interventions that transform at every stage and in every area.
  • You need it to be pragmatic and deliverable in the present whilst supporting the needs of the future.
  • You need it to foster expertise, inclusivity, innovation and collaboration.
  • You need it to make a return on investment.

Do you have that strategy? How’s it going? Here’s what some of my clients were experiencing:

“I’ve got brilliant humans in my diverse team with an abundance of qualifications and experience – but directing their focus and skills where the business most needs them is a challenge.”

“I can really see their potential but it’s a struggle to ignite and direct their wisdom and drive”.

“I want to work more strategically to uplevel my organisation’s cadre in the industry but I’m getting stuck in fire-fighting mode.”

“We’re making great in-roads with the staff who need it the least, but not where it really matters!”

Sound familiar? So, how about starting, like they did, with getting your own expert to tackle the thorny, hard to change areas with you, and help turn those strategic ambitions into engaging, memorable programmes?

I’m Sarae Pratt and I specialise in cultivating the behaviours, skills, and mindsets that unlock your people’s confidence and passion for leadership, creating unparalleled success. I am a seasoned coach and trainer with over 20 years of experience in helping individuals achieve their goals and the goals of their employers. I partner with organisations like yours to unlock the potential of your top talent and leaders by delivering inclusive, high-performance ‘I want to stay here and make my difference in the world’ workplaces.

My work has included diagnosis, design, delivery and evaluation for local, regional and global rollouts, and I bring with me a wealth of knowledge, innovation and pragmatism to support your people’s growth and make that future attainable.

I’ll help you create a future of inclusivity, shared aspirations, lasting engagement and limitless potential.

Here’s how I can support your leaders:

Sarae coaching
Sarae speaking to a client



A deeply impactful investment that creates a ripple effect throughout your organisation and beyond. Professional coaching for your leaders enables them to gain deeper understanding, clarity and wisdom as well as build inner resourcefulness so they can authentically lead themselves, their people and your organisation to greater success, without burnout. This is about changing the way your people understand themselves and the world around them, so they can create a bigger positive impact for your organisation, its people and its clients. I can provide coaching in a wide range of areas, such as:
  • behavioural and mindset change
  • leadership skills and styles
  • adapting after a career break (maternity, paternity, illness, adoption, study, sabbatical)
  • career progression and promotion transition

I use tools and techniques drawn from my extensive coaching education and experience, from traditional assessments and tools to more modern holistic methods from Eastern and Somatic schools.

kind words from clients

“Coaching with Sarae helped me to better understand my natural tendencies as a female leader and how to leverage them. At the same time, the programme helped me tap into certain leadership behaviours that were less natural to me in order to help me be more rounded as a female leader while still staying true to myself. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to grow as a female leader in a natural and sustainable way.”
Laura P, MBB Consultant

TRaining workshops & Programmes

Aligned with your organisation’s strategic intentions and budget, I design and deliver dynamic and learner-centric events, in a way that truly engages your leaders while delivering outstanding outcomes for your organisation. 

By gaining deep insights into your current situation and your future aspirations, I create events for learner portals, and virtual and in-person classrooms that are accessible and respectful of learner requirements and needs.

Whether it’s working alone, with associates or with your in-house team, I support leadership, consulting and innovation skills development programmes as well as DEI programmes, such as Women Leaders Development Programmes or supporting Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). 

No two events are the same, as no two organisations are, I tailor the content, style and duration of all events to create magical “Aha” moments specific to your organisation!

Let’s build community and connectedness in your organisation, together.

Sarae providing training
Sarae presenting a workshop

kind words from clients

“Life is bigger than what is happening in your bubble. There are many spaces waiting for women to take a risk, step outside their bubbles and fill them with authenticity, joy and purpose. Sarae can support you in taking that step and usher you into an expanded reality!”

Kay M, Innovation Director, Finance

Sarae speaking at an event

Speaking & Guesting

Conference, forum, panel or podcast

Engage and inspire your community with an upbeat, energising speaker who has a different story to tell.

Having captivated audiences of up to 7,000 in-person, virtually and in recorded interviews, my most requested speaking topics are:

  • From Surviving to Thriving: learn from my story (keep – my burnout story + how I resolved it)
  • Show up as your authentic self without burnout and fear
  • Rewire your brain for different outcomes
  • Authentic connection is key to making your impact
  • Lead and influence using your Women’s Powertypes®

Plus I’ve spoken in the UK and Europe on career development topics (job purpose, job search, application, networking and interviewing) and self-development themes (working with a coach, self-connection practices, well-being, work/life balance).

I love connecting with an audience and inspiring them to take action, shift their mindset and show up as their authentic self as leaders, at work and in their wider lives. 

What could I speak to your people about?

Imagine a thriving, inclusive workplace full of confident and impactful leaders who love coming to work.

Imagine driven, empowered leaders creating a better future and acting with integrity and efficiency.

Imagine an aligned community of leaders with the motivation and the skills to create the success your organisation deserves where they’ve finally found the balance that works for them too!

Together, we can create this future.

why work with me?

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My work empowers professional women, often in traditionally male industries or roles, to rediscover who they are, recognise their worth & the source of their brilliance, & reignite their trust & faith in themselves. 

My approach blends supportive, upbeat interactions with proven tools & techniques to create lasting behavioural change, new career paths & inspiring leaders.

Some of the amazing organisations whose employees I’ve supported

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Let me share a snapshot of the breadth of ways I and my associates can create your next wave of empowered women leaders, who bring their true selves to work, role modelling the behaviours, boundaries and approaches to enable themselves and their people to feel safe, connected and valued, whilst delivering results aligned to your organisation’s strategy, values and direction.

Investing in our initiatives returns the investment many times over, establishing you as an employer of choice for high performing, brilliant women.

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