Over the last month, I took action to create four amazing workshops with four equally amazing friends. Friends who share my hopes for a world where we, as spirited women, live and thrive with vision, clarity, confidence and joy. A world where sacrifice isn’t praised and reward, rather our needs are respected and met in all aspects of our lives. 

Maggie, Sharon, Eva and Len each brought a complimentary style and perspective to the creative process and into the zoom room. The hours we put in discussing, sharing ideas in messages and deciding the right way to illustrate a concept or tool…….all of it was full of joy and sparked ideas for opportunities separately and together.

You might be curious about why I opted not to run these alone – I’m more than capable, I’ve got a wealth of experience as a coach, trainer and specialised Advanced Pilates instructor, I know how to design and deliver learning to a range of audiences and settings. 

Yes, I could have gone it alone, but it wouldn’t have been as much fun, the sessions as rich and the thinking as diverse, but most importantly to me, the impact and results for you, as attendees, as deeply wonderful. I know to create a community of women, who can lead us into and through the world I described above, I can’t walk it alone as one solitary inspiration, as one solo perspective or as one woman carrying the vision. 

So why invite others in?

Together, we were able to take each workshop further in its potential outcomes for attendees. Each of us has a different nuance we bring to that vision from Maggie’s connection to the spiritual and Sharon’s inner bravery work, to Eva’s research drive approach and Len’s neurodiverse thinking expertise. 

And me? Mine is around accessing more joy by designing life, love, work and more in alignment with your values, needs and desires – which means “doing the work” and we all need a tribe to do that. If Maggie or Sharon are the right people to connect with for your journey, that’s great. If it’s Eva or Len, amazing. My role in this example is to connect you and for others, I am the right coach and I know all four of them would be happy for you and me that found each other.

What is your vision for the world? 

And who else wants to make that true too?

And how do you connect with them?

If you long to live and thrive experiencing joys in all aspects of your life and lead others effectively, compassionately and from your inner strengths whether you wear the badge of title or not, then I have a single suggestion for you.

Taking action to bring this from a nugget in your heart and soul into the reality of your world and for those around you, please leverage your connections.

Who do you need to surround yourself with? To provide wisdom and advice. To lift you up and celebrate you. To hold your hand when the wobbles set in. To listen and truly hear you. To gentle nudge you out of your own way. To speak truths to set you free and into your joy fuelled life.

Where do you find them? Your address book, your LinkedIn connections, your professional body, an interest, campaign or political group, your church or temple, your college or uni alumni lists, Eventbrite or meet-up, at workshops or conferences, in the coffee queue and your place in the Haven with me and women like us who want more joy fueling our lives is always a place to ask the question, share a win or seek a helping hand or point of view.

Parents kissing their little boy on his cheeks, he's grinning with joy and a cute gap in his teeth

I invite you to create a time for reflection over this next week or so and ask yourself those 3 questions: What’s my vision? Who shares it? How do I connect with them?

You might find it helpful to add names and “roles” those connections fulfil for you (eg a tech whizz, sounding board, soother, etc.). If you’re missing names against roles, do come over to the Haven and ask the 100+ women who are full of great knowledge, a-has and collective support – we’ve got you 🤗

If you missed the Unlocking Lockdown series and would like to get access to the recordings, just pop your name and email below to get it sent to you. (FYI please watch out for the email to confirm your email for GDPR purposes; it takes 2 ticks to click through and then you’ll get the recordings email)

You can also contact my gorgeous co-hosts from that page too if you’re interested in their groups, coaching or services.

I have such a positive sense that we’ve had the big disrupter of our lives and we have the opportunity now to be bold, to be aligned and be fuelled by joy in making new normal a world where we thrive. I can’t wait to meet you in it – hopefully, in person! 🤞 🤗 🧡

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