Autumn is upon us – clocks will soon be falling back, leaves turning shades of rich reds and rusty oranges, conkers on the path and darker mornings and evenings creeping in around the day. It feels like the energy around us is slowing down, starting to harvest or shed what we’ve had and move towards a quieter period of reflection, planning and renewal.

The seasons ebb and flow around us, year in year out.  They lead us through their annual cycle around the year. Each offers different opportunities to connect with our own energy, efforts and bodies and also with our Powertypes.

Let’s start with Autumn and it’s connection to Queen.

Queen’s ability to recognise and learn from what came before, whilst envisioning the new horizon of us, connects to the autumnal cycle of nature, as leaves fall and our landscape changes.

Things to do: Journal with gratitude on the things that have served you well, the successes that came you way and the times where your authentic self was valued and treasured. What gives you a sense of greater clarity and consistency for your purpose? 

Then get your diary or calendar out: what do you need to organise or structure in the year ahead to achieve your desired milestones and intentions, whilst meeting your needs?

Winter turns colder, the ground hardens as roots dig in and replenish with quiet stillness and calm. Days become their shortest and we long for warming foods and gentle rest.

Things to do: prioritise self connection and connection with Source alongside being really present to the fun of the festive season and New Year. Meditate to forgive, forget and release any emotions, experiences or energies. Turn into your ultimate vision with Sorceress – draw upon her support from heavens above and earth below, use her creativity to generate ideas, develop hunches and craft your year ahead.

Surrender to Her wisdom to slow down and revitalise your soul, your head and your body. Snuggle up with a book, indulge in a massage, sing festive tunes with others. Nourish and rest in readiness for Spring.

The tiny shoots of green start to peek out, bright flowers emerging from bulbs deep underground, birds back out and about overhead. Hmmm, I love Spring and its sense of newness. So does Warrioress with her zest and vitality. 

Things to do: move, get out and use that Warrioress’ energy to plan, start and deliver new projects and initiatives. It’s also the right time to connect with others and create support for you and your intentions.

It’s a great time to start new habits – like healthier eating or exercise classes, or learning a new language or building a new skill. Use your soft play dates to try new things and meet new people.

Early summer invites us to beautify our surroundings and connect with our romantic sides, as the baby birds, lambs and wildlife appear in our parks, ponds and countryside.  

Things to do: Leverage the charismatic Lover energy in the air: find your new mentor, woo your stakeholders at work and shower praise and compliments on your kids, teammates and friends.

Warmer evenings are made for walks in the evening, admiring works of art and investing in our intimate relationships, as well as investing in romancing ourselves, our brilliance and our talents through luxurious baths, massage and dance.

Late summer welcomes in the Mother energy as the fruits of our labours ripen on the vine and we come together in celebration.

Things to do: bring Mother’s unconditional love and acceptance to those who need it – as well as to yourself as you continue to tend your commitments and intentions. 

Arrange moments to connect profoundly with others; family, friends, work colleagues. Team building, picnics, celebrations and training sessions allow your whole self to be seen and for you to see others as their true selves.

This annual cycle mirrors our feminine month cycles and support the personal effectiveness and productivity tools I use myself and teach clients. By tracking your monthly cycle (by bleeds or by the moon) can help you spot each Powertype’s dominant time and arrange your diary and priorities to match your best energies. 

Take this article into your week and add your autumnal Queen activities into your plans. Why not schedule time for each season’s things to do to maximise your connection with them and their Powertype?