How are you travelling at the minute? I’m hoping you’re enjoying the transition from summer to autumn – for me, it’s about putting on jumpers, orange and red leaves on my walks and big mugs of hot drinks to snuggle up to. It is also a time for more decluttering, sort of like a spring clean but 6 months later. I’ve attacked my cupboards, wardrobes and filing – shredding, recycling and my local charity shop are all doing well out of it.

I’m also digging into my purpose and how I can achieve it with as much spaciousness, ease and joy as I can. Perhaps you’re also looking to shed some old leaves beautifully so you can be connecting with purpose looking ahead too?

What do we mean by “purpose”?

The VIA Institute on Character links purpose to the strengths of spirituality – saying specifically:

Spirituality has many dimensions. Some of these include meaning, purpose, life calling, beliefs about the universe, the expression of virtue/goodness, and practices that connect with the transcendent.

They also link it to an appreciation of beauty, gratitude, honour, hope and humour. 

I quite agree – there is a sense of unfolding beauty in our intentional efforts and impact on the world, our families and our work. Holding them in that light, with hope, a giggle and practising gratitude for the results we see, the support we receive and our abilities to grow and use our abilities for our calling, vocation, purpose feels like a wonderful place to be.

Why is having purpose important?

Simply put it gives you greater meaning in life – greater than yourself. It gives us courage and drive, as well as creating a means to experience more self-acceptance, self-trust and confidence as we see our purpose take shape, find meaning with others and become nearer to our reality.

People with purpose tend to have better well-being; both physically and mentally. They have lower numbers of issues with chronic issues, obesity and premature morbidity. In addition, they are likely to score higher in life satisfaction with lower rates of depression, anxiety and sleeping disorders. Having a clear purpose can also mean a developed emotional intelligence, especially around self-awareness and self-management – which is a fancy way of saying more “even keel” approach under stress or pressure with positive levels of resilience.

Still not convinced?

Sometimes even the phrase “connecting with purpose” is enough to trigger us. We tell ourselves it needs to be enormous, earth shattering or impressive to others. We tell ourselves we couldn’t possibly be the “that” person. We tell ourselves we’re not enough to be a force for good in the world. We tell ourselves we have too busy. We tell ourselves no one would help or nurture us along the way. We tell ourselves it’s simply too hard.

Yet once you alight on an inkling of what your purpose might be, it itches at us.

How do I do this “connecting with purpose” then?

Finding meaning or purpose can take many forms. We might have multiple related forms or directions it takes. For example, my purpose to create a world where every woman realises the joy of living, working and loving as her whole self, without the fear of rejection or judgement is a golden thread carrying through a number of different paths.

Obviously my work – I coach and train women (and some men) around their sense of self and what they wish to do or be bringing the brilliance of their whole self to the front. But also with my many goddaughters, I want them to grow up knowing to their very core that they can thrive and find happiness for who they really are. I bring that principle to my friends – I love, adore and treasure them for all their wonderful selves – with all the quirks, twists and scars that make them amazing.

I bring it to my own personal growth and self-connection: how can I approach life realising joy, just for being me with utter authenticity. (Note this weekend, it involved clearing out my undies drawer of pants I wore for others and not for me. No more….be gone!)

More practically, go looking at what brings your joy, when you light up in a situation or group, where you feel so in flow you skip time and for who would you give your time and energy for free to make a difference. Leverage Sorceress’ universal wisdom and playfully explore the wisdom of others through books, podcasts, talks or events. 

And why not talk through what has meaning for you with someone who can accelerate your thinking and quash any of those “we tell ourselves” beliefs and blocks.  Someone like me in fact – I’m part of the WLA’s Coachathon 2021, raising money for the Microloan Foundation and support entrepreneurial women in Africa. You have a 45 minute coaching session and feel connected to a bigger purpose for a donation – interested? Go here, select Europe, UK and AFrica. You can then find me under Confidence Coaches.