Coaching with me

Ready to step into your whole self with confidence & clarity?

I enable professional women like you to come home to their true self,
with clarity, compassion & joy

Working together, we delve into self-awareness & connection through powerful exercises, conversations and practice. You learn how to embrace your unique brilliance & how to leverage it effectively with the empowering feminine Archetypes. As a result of the programme, you will redesigning your life, career & love to meet your needs, align to your values & say “YES” to you.

Combining her extensive professional experience & learnings from her own development journey, Sarae co-creates your personalised programme with you. No two clients experience the same programme – one size doesn’t fit all.


Society, workplaces, families, governments & communities all need women to create new ways of being, doing & thinking where everyone can thrive with acceptance & joy. Regardless of what makes us difference, as women, we lift each other up as our authentic selves.

We all need you to step out & be the real you.

Invest in your future JOY: £2,300 for A programme valued at over £4,200

Who it’s for:
Women who are sick & tired of wearing a mask to fit into the “approved” approach, choice or style – for their gender, age, race, choice of partner, being a parent or not, & so on.

Women who aspire to be true to themselves with their needs fully met & deliver without self sacrificing to meet others’ expectations & norms.

Women who recognise they want to build a truly authentic life that allows them to realise their full potential.

Women who are open to their hearts & souls, as much as their brains & logic, keen to explore new possibilities for joy in being their whole self, all of the time.

Who it’s not for:
Women who are not ready to take action in changing their mindset, & beliefs whilst ditching their blockers.

Women who are happy to keep their status quo.

What’s included:
Eight x 60 minute coaching sessions, either weekly or fortnightly, where we will:

All resulting in the realisation of your abundant joy by living, working and loving as your whole authentic self, where you are fully energised and alive!

Bonus gifts: a One of many® Women’s Powertypes™ assessment, report & debrief plus your own beautiful One of many® Women’s Powertype™ card deck.

Read more kind words from clients

  • “Life is bigger than what is happening in your bubble. There are many spaces waiting for women to take a risk, step outside their bubbles and fill with authenticity, joy and purpose.

    Sarae can support you taking that step and usher you into an expanded reality!”

    Kay M, Innovation Director, Finance
  • After chatting to a couple of coaches, my instinct was you were a good match as we had quite a few fun things in common. I felt you understood who I am.

    Now, I am able to move forward with confidence. I now realise it is good to get outside help. I have a way to communicate better.  This has improved my relationships and parenting because I understand a better way to communicate with masculine energies.  Even better, I am now moving forward quicker to resolve my challenges.

    I would say if you are looking for someone easy to talk to, full of positive energy and joy then Sarae is your girl!  She has a wealth of experience, knowledge and tools at hand to help you move forward.   She challenges you to go deeper and therefore shift deep-rooted unconscious beliefs.  I would recommend Sarae to anyone who is stuck, looking for clarity and a way to move forward confidently with authenticity.

    Kanan T, Independent Consultant
  • “Coaching with Sarae helped me to better understand my natural tendencies as a female leader and how to leverage them. At the same time, the program helped me to tap into certain leadership behaviours that were less natural to me in order to help me be more rounded as a female leader while still staying true to myself.

    I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to grow as a female leader in a natural and sustainable way.”

    Laura P, MBB Consultant
  • I felt like I was stuck in a particular role which I was fed up of, and dreaded coming into work. It was such an energy draining slog day-to-day. I couldn’t decide what to do and was worried that whatever career path I chose would be the wrong one.

    If you don’t try something new you’ll never know what you were missing. Any kind of big change can seem scary but it’s always more daunting thinking about it than actually doing it.

    Working with Sarae has given me a fresh perspective on my life – not just the career but bigger picture. I feel more confident than before and better equipped to tackle certain problems. Sarae’s upbeat attitude combined with practical advice (breaking down a seemingly mammoth task into bite size chunks) meant that she was always a pleasure to work with.

    Thank you Sarae!

    Ann, Senior Manager, Professional Services
  • Life before working with Sarae was confused and stressful. I felt lost, drained and weak. I knew things needed to change. I needed help. I needed someone with the right knowledge and experience to lift me up and help me to get back on track.

    My experience with Sarae has been extremely helpful. Sarae has enabled me to rediscover my strengths and my needs plus how everything could align to make me happy.

    The best thing about Sarae’s coaching is that she doesn’t tell you things like ‘you are strong, intelligent, etc.’; she gives you the tools to see your own value and brilliance. When you recognise that by yourself, there is no self-doubt or fear about it.

    Life is always full of challenges, but I now know and trust myself far more plus I have the tools to face anything.

    Gema, Civil Engineer

How Does It Work?

1. Get in touch

Let’s book a 45 minute call to connect & discuss your aspirations & intentions. 

This is also an opportunity for you to get to know Sarae, how she works & ask any questions you have about her, the programme, former client successes, etc, etc – whatever you need to understand to make a trusted decision.

2. Let the fun begin

We schedule a regular weekly or fortnightly coaching slot, usually over zoom (or your preferred platform) & occasionally in person.

Between sessions, you commit to an “experiment”, such as a play date, journaling exercises, embodiment work & small sets to test out in-session a-has & learning.

3. Make it happen

Say goodbye to feeling like an outsider in your life as your new ways of being, thinking & doing embed into your authentic life, work & love.

You will move forward with greater self-awareness, self-acceptance & self-trust all resulting in revealing the joy in bringing your true self out into the world. 

Sarae has trained with several coaching schools since 2002 and is proud to be recognised as a Certified Women’s Leadership Coach by One of many® – an international supportive community and educational hub for intelligent and successful professional women like you. Women who feel called to do more, give more, be more… and leave a powerful legacy. 

She was awarded the distinguished status of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by International Coaching Federation (ICF) – making her one of 40,000 coaches globally, holding an ICF credential.

International Coaching Federation's Professional Certified Coach award