After chatting to a couple of coaches, my instinct was you were a good match as we had quite a few fun things in common. I felt you understood who I am.

Now, I am able to move forward with confidence. I now realise it is good to get outside help. I have a way to communicate better.  This has improved my relationships and parenting because I understand a better way to communicate with masculine energies.  Even better, I am now moving forward quicker to resolve my challenges.

I would say if you are looking for someone easy to talk to, full of positive energy and joy then Sarae is your girl!  She has a wealth of experience, knowledge and tools at hand to help you move forward.   She challenges you to go deeper and therefore shift deep-rooted unconscious beliefs.  I would recommend Sarae to anyone who is stuck, looking for clarity and a way to move forward confidently with authenticity.