This is my final post of 2020 and it isn’t what I had planned. I had intended to talk about the joys this Christmas would. bring at the end of a challenging year. How it was a chance to finally be with our loved ones safely and …………well, that’s not to be.

Instead, I’ve deleted that written piece and began again…..

With many of us facing increased restrictions in the UK and overseas for the next few weeks, Christmas and New Year will be like no other we’ve experienced nor will it be what we’d been led to believe was possible. 

I know there have been plans cancelled or rescheduled. Tears shed. Anger and loss felt by many. Some fridges overstocked and others were being emptied out. Presents that won’t reach their recipients on time. Cheers and toasts that will be made over zoom and not in person.

I want to provide a sense of awe, of magic, of wonder this time can still bring as 2020 comes to a close. I love these images – these are frozen soap bubbles – I love with their delicate form, shaped by the interactions between their molecular connections and the environment they are in, captured in time.

Like our current situation, what we create will be time-bound and need us to leverage our connections and the environment we find ourselves in to make something beautiful, filled with magic. But it within us to create a different experience that still brings joy.

Take some time to connect with Source, your faith in life itself to provide inspiration, insight and wisdom – walk in the crisp air, pause and watch rain fall like confetti, meditate over a crystal or candle flame. ask yourself “what do I want to feel in the final 2 weeks and what is in the art of the possible to make that happen?”

Allow yourself to be inspired, to spot with the small joys in what we can do and allow yourself to live a slower life than perhaps what we had planned. The dew on a cobweb, a stranger’s dog that wants to say hello, a shared carol services with friends online, that extra roast potato that no-one saw you sneak, the fresh crisp linen you jump into on Christmas Eve, the thick fluffy socks you can pad about in all day or the fancy outfit you’ve got planned for staying home in.

It will also be a time where many of us naturally spoil others, at our own cost and sacrifice. I’d also encourage you to be compassionate with yourself and add some of the Lover fuelled activities to meet and replenish your needs. A long soak, whilst the others watch this year’s Christmas movie or a hand and face massage with your new scented oils or cream. A quiet cup of tea and your morning pages or a run to clear your thoughts. Do allow your emotions to surface and be acknowledged – happy and sad tears, happy and sad memories recalled, happy and sad moments from 2020. Move them through – dance in the kitchen, use a dynamic mediation or go for a short drive with the music turned right up and sing your emotions out.

The upcoming Winter Solstice brings light and renewal into our lives. The nights will get gradually shorter and days longer as we head into Spring. It is a time for reflection on what came before and what is to come in many traditions. I’ll be using some of my time to ponder my plans for my life, my business, my relationships and so on – as well as looking at what choices I need to make to step into 2021 feeling alive and ready to create a new year.

Part of 2021 will be my signature coaching programme, as introduced to many of you during the recent Haven Retreat live – will it be a part of yours? – I hope so; don’t forget to RSVP here before midnight on 22nd December (Tuesday coming) if you want to use the BIRTHDAY code for the extra discount on top of the bonuses!

I also wanted to remind you of December shares newsletter – I wondered if more of you might have time to try my family traditions or those of others I shared? 

Lastly, may I wish you and yours the very best Christmas possible with lots of joy-filled moments to be spotted. I look forward to an exciting 2021 together