I don’t know about you but I’m loving the Tokyo Olympics and seriously can’t wait to see how the Paralympics continue through August. The grit and determination. The tears of and the cheers. The pride and camaraderie. The winners. The losers. The jokers. The leaders. Even the odd villain has been seen in the ring or in the stands.

Within the various stadiums, pools, gymnasiums, lanes and courts are full of exceptional human beings……and a raft of archetypes at play. An archetype is a universally understood patterns of behaviours across cultures and communities. Carl Jung developed a series of 12 archetypes drawn from a wealth of stimuli – religion, the natural world, literature, archaeology and more.

Archetypes have been utilised in a wide variety of tools, psychometrics and approaches used in personal and professional development. I use them in a tailored version that speaks to the archetypes women can experience – the One of many® Women’s Powertypes™. This month, we’re going to explore them and their anti-types (opposites) to boost, empower and create opportunities to bring your authentic self to all aspects of your life.

I see them as my Olympic teammates – rooting for my success, my peace and my joy – and I’d love to introduce you to yours this month.


Have you ever had a time where you wish you’d somehow brought the characteristics or behaviours of a role model or mentor? Or perhaps in hindsight, you’d have liked to bring forward an alternative version of the “you” who showed up?

Archetypes can enable you to do just that. 

I’m not suggesting for one minute that we all go around “acting” out some false character. I know that exploring and gaining connection with your flavour of archetype can build wisdom, confidence, and self-acceptance.

That’s right – whilst archetypes are universally understood, no two people do them in the exact same way. Your version may share similarities with someone else’s, however, there will be differences unique to you. 

When we have easy access to these parts of ourselves we can leverage them positively and with intention. Many of us, including myself, need to learn to increase our access or limit the overplaying of elements of them.

For example, an overexpressed Queen can become an overbearing bully of a leader, losing respect whilst gaining fear from her team. Or an underexpressed Sorceress with little faith in her connections to others and the wider universe can feel alone and reliant only her own grit to see things through.

The Women’s Powertypes actively tap into the soft power, we all possess. The energy to bring clarity, compassion and wisdom to our various roles and responsibilities, as well as to our many relationships at home, play and work. Learning to embody them each day, we build a deeper affinity with them in bringing our empowered authentic selves to the fore with confidence and trust. 


At times when we feel like the odd one out, our courage can evaporate. We shrink back from opportunities to shape our futures, establishing our boundaries or from asking for help or advice.

Being able to quieten our mind’s noisy commentary on our inadequacies, isolation or fears, the Powertypes can build our bravery in creating new ways forward into true alignment.

Lover’s capacity for self-acceptance and great compassion towards ourselves (and others), with Mother’s belief in our potential to thrive combine to vigorously bolster our daring. Pulling upon Queen’s humble seeking of counsel ensures we test and refine our thoughts, decisions and actions with our trusted friends and colleagues, whilst holding our boundaries.

Courage, bravery and might are foundational parts of Warrioress’ “get on and do” mentality for her passions and cause, at home, work and afar. 



Choice and self-determination can appear restricted or hindered by the options and expectations of others when we fear judgement or rejection. Meeting our needs so we can perform without sacrifice is a decision we can make with the support of Queen’s commitment to her realm. She knows she can only serve it when her needs are fully met.

Finding the joy in our paths can be enhanced through a delicious combination of Lover’s ability to give and receive pleasure with Warrioress’ playfulness. You need to be open to hearing their calls and choosing joy over others’ judgment or views.

That playfulness can also develop our self-confidence and self-trust in living, working and loving differently as we move forward into our authentic selves. Each small experiment or step towards greater alignment brings newfound choices to learn, grow and relish the joys you deserve.

Powertypes and connection deserves a whole blog of their own – watch this space as one will follow. Today, I wanted to highlight 2 different elements of how stepping into our power impacts our connections. 

Firstly, they expand our self-awareness and self-knowledge by enabling you to delve deeper into your values, life principles and also your fears and doubts. This in turn magnifies your abilities to bring our whole selves to crafting more authentic, satisfying relationships.

Secondly, relationships based on what brings us joy, as discovered and honed by the Powertypes, are founded on authenticity. Where all parties bring their truest self at all times, trusting they are safe to be vulnerable, bold and aligned with one and another. Needs and boundaries are respected and upheld. Faith and support are mutually experienced. Joy is shared and reciprocated. 



The question I posed last week flows from the Powertypes. “Does this bring me joy?” is best answered in consultation with each of the Powertypes. Queen confirmed alignment to your vision and needs. Lover knows what activates your pleasure zones and those of others. Sorceress’ wisdom and intuition build trust in simply knowing this is joy. Mother adores nurturing your wellbeing and positive development. Finally, Warrioress’ vibrant, dynamic energy will either kick into action or kick off into something more joy making.

I recommend soft power playdates to my clients as ways to get to know the joy makers of each Powertype. These solo hours indulging in new things, pastimes, experiences and activities bring us additions to our Needs Creed, especially for those tricky times when we need a supercharged replenishment. (I shared a heap on the Needs Creed during the 3rd Unlocking Lockdown Series – access to all 4 workshops free here.)

And simply put, operating with easy access to our most powerful, impactful, genuine self is a joy – especially when you’ve kept parts of yourself hidden away.

So are you ready to add five gold medal winning archetypes to your team? Watch out as I share more both in my blogs and social media during August. Do comment with any questions you have and I’ll respond. I’m really looking forward to sharing more this month!

If you’d like to understand your current access to the Women’s Powertypes, did you know I offer a profile and debrief session where together we can walk through your personalised report and identify key areas of focus in leveraging them more? Want to know more? Just drop me an email.