I'm Sarae & I coach professional women who want to feel comfortable & confident showing up as themselves all of the time

Imagine a world in which every woman realises the joy of living, working & loving as her whole self; a world where we can leverage our brilliance for the common good & where we no longer fear judgement or rejection because of what makes us unique.

Imagine a world where we are valued & cherished for all that we are – able to pursue careers that fulfil us, relationships that support us & step up as leaders to inspire those around us.

My work empowers professional women, often in traditionally male industries or roles, to rediscover who they are, recognise their worth & the source of their brilliance, & reignite their trust & faith in themselves. 

My approach blends supportive, upbeat interactions with proven tools & techniques to create lasting behavioural change, new career paths & inspiring leaders.

Life right now feels exhausting, a constant effort to meet expectations & standards that simply don't fit who you are.

Deep down you yearn to create space for the real you.

Hang on, you’re a successful woman – you’re doing great at work & at home, you’re hitting the expectations that the world puts on you. Life’s rosy! Only it isn’t quite right. 

Right for what you need to truly thrive & experience abundant joy. 

As an experienced coach, trainer & speaker, I work with professional women who want to stop hiding or remoulding who they are to better ‘fit’ in & instead reveal their true selves without fear. After working with me, my clients relish fully showing up in their lives, their work & their relationships, comfortable & confident in their own skin.

With over 20 years in talent, leadership & career development with global consultancies & Europe’s top business schools, I also work with companies, non-profits & business schools, who want their female talent to succeed & to realise the benefits from empowered authentic women.

My Core Values


One of the reasons we get stuck is simply not knowing what we need to know. 

My aim is to always provide you with new perspectives, approaches & knowhow.


Change can be daunting; it doesn’t have to be with the right support & people around you.

I’m a committed stand to your whole self; I’ve got your back.


The freedom to choose to walk your own path, your own way.

I will help you know who you are, what your needs and values are, freeing you to make aligned, trusted decisions.


Nurturing your source of wisdom, inspiration, & support is central to how I work in full partnership with you.

Why? It’s not a cliché, we travel further, faster together.


From the large to the small, that spark that lifts you up, grows your confidence & makes it possible to step out authentically in all aspects of your life.

Say YES to you is saying YES to joy.

What I Believe

Too many women live disconnected from their true, authentic selves. They live lives mapped out and defined by the opinions and needs of others, their employers, their families, society in general. 

They feel judged, limited and uncomfortable trying to blend in, constantly being the outsider on the inside of families, teams and workplaces. 

I know, because that’s how I experienced life for many years.

Sarae squashed into a tiny doorframe


HOW we can work together?


Are you a female leader looking to increase your impact without fear of rejection or judgement? Do you know where your passion and focus lie but need to find a more balanced, aligned way to lead yourself, others and your organisation?

Few women leaders are taught how to access their power with ease and joy. I can introduce you to yours and help you begin to embed them in your day-to-day with my one-to-one coaching offers.


With over 20 years of experience in talent & leadership development, including design, delivery & evaluation for local, regional & global rollouts, I bring a wealth of knowledge, innovation & pragmatism to support your people’s growth & make that future a reality.

I help organisations to develop & retain their best employees through inclusive, impactful learning initiatives through my corporate offers.


SOAR: Take Flight and Lead is a group development programme designed for women like you who recognise in themselves the call to stand up and stand out but who are seeking clarity on how to do that in a way that serves to support and empower them.

You want to build strong foundations so that you can thrive now and in the future, as you take flight, becoming the leader you want to be and the world needs you to be.

International Coaching Federation's Professional Certified Coach award


For over 20 years, I’ve specialised in helping employees to grow & achieve their goals. I’ve worked in-house as part of HR teams & as an external consultant to provide global learning & talent programmes for middle & senior managers in a range of professional services, educational institutes & government bodies.

I shifted to a portfolio career in 2013 & establishing my own consulting, Pilates & coaching business focused on holistic skills, body & mindset growth in the UK. In parallel, I deliver career & leadership development & coaching to organisations & business schools. 

I’m a self-confessed learning geek – always on the lookout for the next book, expert or training opportunity. I’ve trained with several coaching schools since 2002 & am proud to be recognised as a Certified Women’s Leadership Coach by One of many® – an international supportive community & educational hub for smart professional women like you.

Outside of the work stuff, I’m a big lover of dachshunds, stand up paddleboarding, my many goddaughters, travel with friends & curries – yes, I’m still a Midlands girl at heart.

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